Modernize Your Legislative Meetings

OpenMeeting is a powerful, user-friendly legislative meeting management system to modernize your meetings. Boost efficiency and transparency with electronic voting, discussion management, a voting display, and more.

Electronic voting and discussion management system for city councils, county boards, and school boards.

Meet OpenMeeting

Run more efficient, productive, and transparent legislative meetings. With OpenMeeting, you can streamline meeting procedures and documentation, manage discussion, and boost public transparency, all under one system.

Electronic Roll Call, Voting, & More

Touchscreen electronic roll call, motions & seconds, requests to speak, and voting enables efficient meeting processes and accurate records.


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Discussion Management

Meeting members request to speak and are automatically added to a speaker queue during discussion. The requests are recognized electronically.


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Voting Display for Transparency

Meeting members & citizens can easily follow along with a display that instantly visually communicates all meeting actions, such as discussion and voting.


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Meeting & Agenda Management

Make meeting setup and minutes simple with drag and drop templates for agenda and automatic documentation during the meeting.


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Streamline Meeting Procedures

Replace time-consuming, outdated methods with the first legislative meeting app. Electronic roll call and voting, digital agenda, and request-to-speak discussion management boost efficiency and productivity.

Run Organized & Orderly Meetings

Prevent confusion and interruptions with discussion management with a visual speaker queue. Meeting members request to speak and are recognized electronically.

Boost Public Transparency & Perception

Make it easy for both the public and meeting members to follow along with the meeting. The Voting Display instantly visually communicates all meeting activity and procedures, including the vote results and a timer during public comment.

Easy Meeting Management & Documentation

Save time with easy meeting setup, facilitation of meeting procedures, and automatic documentation of all meeting activity.

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