The OpenMeeting Award Winners of 2022

All winners have been announced!

Each year, OpenMeeting recognizes those running truly stellar legislative meetings with the OpenMeeting electronic voting and meeting management system. This year, we have four awards to give out in two categories: Excellence and Innovation. There are so many leaders in local government this year who are modernizing their meetings and creating a fantastic meeting experience for all. However, these award winners really stood out.

OpenMeeting Innovation Award Winner: The City of Goodyear, Arizona

The Goodyear City Council sets an excellent example for other local governments across the country. Their dedication to improvement, modernization, and transparency is evident through their many upgrades this past year.

In August 2022, they opened their brand new civic square to benefit their community, which includes a new, modern city council chamber with updated technology and :
    • A new, modern city council chamber
    • A new city hall
    • A new two-story library
    • A two-acre park for community events and gatherings

The Goodyear City Council also demonstrates excellence and strong leadership. Their city clerk, Darcie McCracken, is the former president and current vice president of the Arizona Municipal Clerks’ Association. She has received two awards from this organization as well: the AMCA President’s Award of Distinction in 2022 and the Deputy City Clerk of the Year award in 2016. Additionally, the Goodyear City Manager, Julie Karins, is the President of the Arizona City/County Management Association Board of Directors.

In 2022, the City of Goodyear adopted the OpenMeeting Technologies electronic voting and modern legislative meeting management system. They have done a fantastic job utilizing the OpenMeeting system to benefit their community. With a voting display that visually communicates roll call, agenda items being discussed and how each member votes, citizens of Goodyear can easily follow their city council meetings. The Goodyear City Council also streams their monthly meetings online to improve accessibility and promote civic engagement.

Great job, and congratulations, Goodyear!


OpenMeeting Innovation Award Winner: Williamson County Schools, Tennessee

As the Williamson County School Board continues to demonstrate their commitment to their school district and community, Williamson County Schools continue to be a leader in the state of Tennessee in academic achievement. The Williamson County School Board sets an outstanding example for school boards across the country.

Williamson County Schools was named an Exemplary District by the Tennessee Department of Education in September 2022. Being named an Exemplary District is the highest possible designation for school districts in Tennessee.

The Williamson County School Board prioritizes their community and public engagement by making their meetings transparent and easy to follow. They utilize modern technology and the OpenMeeting electronic voting and meeting management system to create a seamless online watching experience for their school board meetings. By doing this, public citizens can attend meetings wherever they are.

When a board member speaks during a discussion about an agenda item, the camera will switch to that speaker, and their name will be shown on the screen. When it is time to vote, the OpenMeeting voting display will appear, which shows the results of the vote and how each member voted. Overall, their meetings are highly transparent and efficient, leading to effective legislation and a very successful school district.

Great job, and congratulations, Williamson County Schools!

OpenMeeting Excellence Award Winner: The City of Wausau, Wisconsin

Wausau City Council displays excellence in their meetings day in and day out, making themselves a prime example of dedicated local government leadership. They continue to improve and modernize their meetings to provide better meeting experiences for their community.

They strive to provide services for their citizens in the most effective and efficient manner in order to promote and enhance their community. By providing encouragement to their citizens for civic engagement and pride, they promote a positive community image for the people of Wausau. One of their more recent projects has been working with Wausau Water Works, and they began testing on their new drinking water treatment facility this fall. 

They’re able to embrace and enhance their core values in every meeting with the OpenMeeting software. Professionalism, accountability, integrity, and respect are all vital parts of their community, and we’re proud to help them spread those values across the city of Wausau.

In 2022, the City of Wausau adopted the OpenMeeting Technologies electronic voting and modern legislative meeting management system. They’ve done an outstanding job of utilizing the OpenMeeting system in the interest of their community. Wausau residents can easily follow their city council meetings, thanks to a voting display that clearly displays roll call, agenda items being discussed, and how each member votes. To increase accessibility and encourage civic engagement, the Wausau City Council also posts their monthly meetings online.

Great job, and congratulations, Wausau!

OpenMeeting Excellence Award Winner: Marathon County, Wisconsin

The Marathon County Board has continuously shown their commitment to running excellent meetings and making information accessible to the public. They demonstrate best practices of modern meetings with every meeting are a fantastic example of leadership in local government.

Marathon County Government strives to serve their community by leading and providing initiatives at the county, region, and state levels and create opportunities that make Marathon County a fantastic place to reside, work, and visit. They also keep important information accessible and transparent to their community with their Marathon County Government newsletter, which informs citizens of what is being discussed and worked on. Citizens can also sign up for alerts about important information in the community as well. 

In 2022, Marathon County adopted the OpenMeeting electronic voting and meeting management system, further demonstrating their commitment to the public. They’ve utilized the OpenMeeting system to help citizens follow the meeting more easily through a voting display that visually communicates meeting activity, such as roll call, discussion, and vote results. They’ve done a wonderful job using this solution to benefit their community. Additionally, the Marathon County Board publishes their meetings online to allow citizens to stay informed and engaged, even if they can’t make the meeting in person.

Great job, and congratulations, Marathon County!

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