The OpenMeeting Award Winners of 2023

Both winners have been announced!

At the end of every year, OpenMeeting acknowledges exceptional local governments conducting outstanding legislative meetings using our electronic voting and request-to-speak system. This year, we’re thrilled to present two OpenMeeting Awards for Excellence—one for a city and another for a county!

So many cities, counties, and school boards across the country are transforming their meetings with modern technology, enhancing efficiency and the overall meeting experience. Yet, amidst this commendable effort, these award recipients have truly distinguished themselves with their exceptional meetings.

The City of Sheridan, Colorado

We are thrilled to present the prestigious OpenMeeting Award for Excellence to the City of Sheridan, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, for running excellent meetings for their community and dedication to improvement and modernization.

In 2022, Jenna DiRubbo, the current City Clerk at Sheridan, searched for an electronic voting solution to improve and modernize their council meetings. She found OpenMeeting, and soon after, the City of Sheridan adopted the OpenMeeting system.

Their proactive adoption of the OpenMeeting system exemplifies their dedication to fostering transparent, efficient, and effective governance. This award recognizes Sheridan’s continued commitment to running great meetings, leveraging innovative tools for the betterment of their community, and setting an inspiring example for municipalities nationwide. 

Jenna DiRubbo is elated to receive the OpenMeeting award and is excited about what the OpenMeeting system has brought into her city council meetings:

“I am extremely honored to have my efforts recognized by OpenMeeting and to be selected for the OpenMeeting’s Award of Excellence. I recognize that there are so many great municipalities deserving of this award, that I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be the recipient of such a prestigious award.


Thank you to the wonderful staff at OpenMeeting, I wouldn’t have been successful without the support of their team. Thank you to the City of Sheridan, City Council and staff for trusting in me to implement the OpenMeeting Software.


OpenMeeting has meant transparency in a modern world for the City of Sheridan. Giving us the ability to showcase the decision-making process and highlight the hard work of our City Council and staff.”


Jenna DiRubbo, City Clerk

Congratulations to the City of Sheridan for their remarkable leadership and dedication to running exceptional city council meetings!

Sauk County, Wisconsin

Sauk County displays excellence in each of their meetings and beyond, making themselves a prime example of dedicated local government leadership. They continue to utilize modern tools to provide a better meeting experience for their community and board members.

Sauk County adopted the OpenMeeting electronic voting system 2021, which helped them to streamline their large, 31-member meetings. They went further in modernizing their meetings by choosing OpenMeeting Pro AV, improving public experience with the automatic pan and zoom functions in their livestreams during discussions.

Overall, Sauk County has done an outstanding job of utilizing the OpenMeeting system in the interest of their community. Sauk County residents can easily follow their county board meetings thanks to ideal use of the meeting display that clearly displays roll call, discussion, and voting. To improve accessibility and encourage civic engagement, the Sauk County livestreams and posts recordings of their meetings online in a viewer-friendly, four-quadrant format.

“Thank you for the OpenMeeting Excellence Award. The OpenMeeting program has been something that all of our staff have been able to use very easily at our meetings. Thanks to the amazing staff at OpenMeeting, we have been shown everything necessary to have successful board meetings. Both staff and board members appreciate its efficiency and ease of use.”


Becky Evert, Sauk County Clerk

Great job, Sauk County, for your ongoing commitment to innovation and running excellent meetings for your community!

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