3 Tips to Better Present Yourself and Your Board During Board Meetings

Board meetings serve as crucial platforms for government officials to present themselves effectively, share important information, and engage with stakeholders. Making a positive impression during these meetings is essential for building trust and credibility in your community.

These three tips can help government representatives present themselves better to the public during board meetings, therefore improving public perception, trust, and confidence.

1. Prepare with Precision & Clarity

Effective preparation is key to presenting yourself and your government well during board meetings. Before the meeting, take the time to thoroughly research and understand the topics on the agenda. Gather all relevant data, statistics, and supporting information to back up your points.

Clear and concise messaging is essential, so make sure to simplify your complex ideas and be to the point. By organizing your thoughts and materials, you will be better equipped to articulate your positions confidently and persuasively.

2. Leverage the Power of Electronic Voting Systems

Incorporating electronic voting systems into board meetings can greatly improve the experience for board members and attendees. These systems enable seamless, real-time voting and decision-making processes, enhancing efficiency and engagement. By adopting an electronic voting system, you can:

Streamline Voting Procedures

Replace manual roll-call votes or paper ballots with electronic voting, reducing administrative burden and saving time.

With an electronic voting system, board members can mark themselves present, motion, second, and cast their votes with ease. The results are displayed instantaneously, fostering transparency and accountability.

The City of Wausau uses an electronic voting system to better present themselves to the public.

The City of Wausau uses the OpenMeeting electronic voting system to improve their presentation to the public.

Make it Easy for Everyone to Follow Along

Many governments utilize large displays in the board room that visually communicate meeting actions when connected to an electronic voting system. For example, when a board member motions, seconds, and/or requests to speak, those actions are instantly shown on the display. Naturally, this display will also show the vote results and how each board member voted.

Additionally, this visual display can show the current agenda item being discussed and voted on as well as a timer for speakers during public comment.

3. Engage and Connect with Stakeholders

Building meaningful connections with stakeholders is crucial for effective governance. During board meetings, actively engage with attendees by encouraging their participation and soliciting their feedback.

Create opportunities for open dialogue, whether through Q&A sessions or public comment. Actively listening to the concerns and perspectives of stakeholders demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

A popular and modern way to encourage citizen engagement is live streaming your board meetings to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook or uploading recordings of meetings. Many local governments have also upgraded their board rooms and audio-video equipment to ensure a great meeting experience for all citizens, whether they are attending the meeting in person or watching online.

Presentation is a Crucial Part of Effective Governance

Presenting yourself and your government effectively during board meetings requires careful preparation, clear communication, and meaningful engagement. By preparing with precision, leveraging the power of electronic voting systems, and actively connecting with stakeholders, government representatives can enhance their presence, foster transparency, and build trust.

By implementing these tips, government representatives can make a lasting positive impact during board meetings, leading to more effective governance and improved stakeholder relationships.

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