4 Benefits of a Voting Display

Not only are there many benefits of a voting display in legislative meetings, but these benefits are also highly valuable and crucial to running effective legislative meetings. Overall, a voting display is an important tool for promoting transparency, accountability, efficiency, and organization in legislative meetings.  

Robertson County Commission using OpenMeeting Technologies' legislative meeting management software.

Robertson County, Tennessee uses the OpenMeeting voting display for electronic roll call. They show the voting display at all times while streaming their meetings to make meetings easier for the public to follow.

The Major Benefits of a Voting Display

1. Transparency: A major benefit of a voting display is it allows for greater transparency in the legislative process by making it clear how each member voted on each item. This helps to build public trust in the legislative body.

2. Accountability: With a voting display, elected officials are held accountable for their votes, so legislators are further encouraged to vote in the best interests of their constituents.

3. Efficiency: A voting display can make the voting process more efficient by eliminating the need for verbal roll calls and voting or other time-consuming procedures. This can save time and resources, streamlining legislative meetings.

4. Organized & Clear Discussion: Paired with discussion management software, a voting display in your board room helps to ensure that discussion is fair, organized, and easy for the public to follow. The display will visually communicate who is currently speaking and who is next in line to speak.

Jefferson County uses the public speaker timer function of the voting display.

Jefferson County, Tennessee uses the OpenMeeting voting display and public speaker timer for organization and control during public comment.

Interested in incorporating a voting display to run more transparent, streamlined, and organized legislative meetings? The OpenMeeting meeting management software includes both a voting display and discussion management system along with electronic voting. Learn more if the OpenMeeting system is a fit for your local government today. 

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