4 Ways Agenda and Meeting Software Saves Time

Your time is valuable. OpenMeeting makes sure you can make the most of your time during legislative board meetings. We’d like to share 4 ways agenda and meeting software save time to make your meetings more efficient.

Our user-friendly software platform will help streamline your meetings by visually capturing and documenting all the things that happen in your meetings from beginning to end. Our modern, simple-to-use, visual applications help ensure that all of your meeting procedures and actions are automatically documented and displayed as they occur during your meetings. Request a demonstration and let our team show you how OpenMeeting is the solution to help your meetings run better, faster, easier.

Public Display

Even if public participants and observers can keep up with the discussion in a government meeting it is near impossible for them to follow and process all of the motions, seconds, amendments and most importantly votes. That can leave citizens confused and unsure about the process they are participating in.
The Public Display removes the questions around the details of the proceedings and clearly presents to the public what is being considered, who has the floor, who is engaged in specific procedural actions and how each member votes in real-time. This helps the public feel fully engaged in the meeting and greatly reduces confusion and anxiety around the detailed proceedings.

OpenMeeting RCP Public Display Meeting Vote Called

Member App

Real-time, simultaneous, single click voting is an important, time-saving feature. When it’s time to weigh in and make decisions, board members are shown a simple interface requiring a single click to cast their vote at the the same time as every other board member. This speeds up the voting process significantly and more importantly removes undue influence. The results are tabulated and displayed immediately with all details of the vote recorded behind the scenes automatically. Everything is clear and accountable and the time it saves busy board members is invaluable.

Discussion Manager

One of the biggest challenges when running a meeting is keeping the meeting on schedule and respecting the time of all involved. Discussion Manager helps the Board Chair with this challenge by providing the ability to set timers for speakers and discussion that are clearly displayed for all to see.

With the timer set and displayed each speaker knows they will get an equal opportunity to participate and that they need to be concise and to the point. The Chair has the ability to control the length of time set as well allowing them to give more time to important discussion when necessary ensuring the quality of the meeting is not impacted while still respecting the valuable time of everyone involved.

Meeting Manager

Once the meeting begins the real power of Meeting Manager becomes evident. Meeting Manager guides the flow of the meeting automatically and provides a simple point and click interface that allows clerks to advance through all of the required procedures on the defined agenda. It facilitates roll call, presents agenda items and manages all meeting procedures including motions, seconds, amendments and most importantly voting.

This important process is managed quietly behind the scenes and creates an organized and constructive meeting environment that allows meeting members and participants to focus on the agenda topics and discussion rather than worry that proper rules and regulations are being followed. Meeting Manager reduces the stress clerks feel to direct and apply proper meeting procedures and sets the tone for great meetings.

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