5 Features to Look for in a Meeting Management Software

Searching for the perfect meeting management software for your meetings?

Selecting the right meeting management software can significantly boost efficiency, transparency, and public experience in your government meetings. Here are five essential features to look for when choosing a meeting management software for your meetings.

1. Features to Streamline Your Meetings

Electronic Voting

One of the most important features for government meetings is electronic voting. This feature streamlines the voting process and ensures that votes are recorded accurately. Key benefits include:

Real-Time, Instant Vote Counting: Instant results reduce the time spent on manual vote counting.
Transparency: The public can easily see the vote results and how each member voted.

Request to Speak

Request-to-speak helps manage discussions efficiently by organizing speaker queues and ensuring that all voices are heard in an orderly manner. Benefits include:

Orderly Discussions: Prevents chaos by managing who speaks and when.
Fairness: Ensures that all participants have an equal opportunity to contribute.

3. Boosts Public Transparency and Experience

Enhancing public transparency and experience is crucial for government meetings. A voting display that visually communicates meeting activity helps keep the public informed and engaged. Benefits include:

Visual Representation of Votes: Displays vote results in real-time for the public to see.

Easy-to-Follow Discussion: Requests to speak and the current speaker are shown on the voting display for the public to see.

Easy Public Comment Management: A large timer is shown on the display to manage public comment.

The City of Sheridan, Colorado uses the OpenMeeting electronic voting and request to speak system for council meeting.

The City of Sheridan, CO uses the OpenMeeting meeting management software Voting Display to boost public transparency and experience during their city council meetings.

2. Saves You Time Before, During, and After the Meeting

Agenda Management

Effective agenda management is crucial for preparing and running smooth meetings. Look for software that streamlines the agenda creation process. Key functionalities include:

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Simplifies the process of creating and organizing agenda items.
Collaborative Editing: Enables multiple team members to work on the agenda simultaneously.

Automatic Documentation and Meeting Minutes

Automated documentation of meeting activities saves significant time and ensures accuracy. Features to look for include:

Automatic Documentation: Automatically captures all meeting activity, such as roll call, requests to speak, and vote results.
Automatic Meeting Minutes: Generates meeting minutes automatically after the meeting, reducing the administrative burden.

4. Ongoing Updates and Improvements

Longevity and Relevance

Choosing meeting management software that receives regular updates and improvements is essential for its longevity and relevance. Look for providers that: Release Regular Updates: Ensure the software stays current with the latest technology and security standards. User Feedback Integration: Continuously improve the software based on user feedback and emerging needs.


Ensure that the meeting management software can adapt to new challenges and technological advancements, protecting your investment over the long term. Adopting already-outdated technology such as clickers can lead to challenges and greater costs later on. With clickers, instead of receiving free updates from your meeting management software provider, you may end up needing to physically replace all of your physical technology when it inevitably becomes out-of-date.

5. Simplicity and Usability

User-Friendly Interface

Government officials and staff need meeting management software that is easy to use without extensive training. Look for software that: Intuitive Design: Simple, clean interface that is easy to navigate. Essential Features Only: Focuses on necessary features without unnecessary complexity that can overwhelm users.

Avoiding Feature Bloat

Many software options come with a plethora of features that may never be used but significantly increase the cost. Select software that: Tailored Solutions: Provides essential functionalities tailored to your specific needs. Cost-Effective: Avoids unnecessary costs associated with unused features.
Selecting the right meeting management software for government meetings involves focusing on essential features that streamline operations, save time, enhance public transparency, ensure longevity, and maintain simplicity.
By prioritizing efficiency, public transparency and experience, longevity, and user experience, government bodies can significantly improve the efficiency and transparency of their meetings. Investing in such software ultimately leads to better governance and increased public trust.

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