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Introducing OpenMeeting Agenda Manager: Your New Best Friend!

“I LOVE it!” – Jane Doe Clerk

OpenMeeting’s new Agenda Manager is easy and powerful. It integrates your agenda across the OpenMeeting platform to help streamline the meeting planning process. Plus, our customizable features and a library of templates for both agendas and agenda items simplify your meeting preparations. The agendas you create are easily made into printable PDFs and allow for paperless packet creation and publication.

OpenMeeting Simple Meeting Manager Example

Simple Customization

Being organized and prepared can help you run smoother board meetings, but let’s take that even further. Our Agenda Manager offers quick agenda item creation and customization, making new agenda items a breeze. Plus we offer pre-built and customizable templates for both agenda items and entire agendas. This makes starting new agendas even easier.

When it comes to customizing your agendas, drag and drop organization and re-numbering simplifies any adjustments for future meetings.

Voting is an important part of any board meeting. That’s why we’ve included not only standard voting criteria, but customizable voting criteria too!

We wanted to make sure that you could include any details you need in your agenda. That’s why we have multiple levels of item description and detail for each agenda item for integration into Member App and Public Display

Sometimes you need to add documents or images to your meeting. To ensure everyone that gets the agenda has all the pieces they need, we’ve also included document and image attachment options.

We know the small things matter. That’s where our custom agenda packet headers and footers come into play. You can easily brand your agenda to fit your community.


We know that every step of your meeting is important. That’s why we didn’t just include agenda templates, but item templates too! Our customizable templates give you a place to start, but they make it easy to fit perfectly to what you need for your meetings.

Agenda Templates

  • Create your own agenda templates that include all your default agenda items for simple and fast agenda creation
  • Pre-built library of best-practice agenda templates

Item Templates

  • Create your own agenda item templates and easily customize them
  • Quickly drag and drop templates into your agendas
  • Pre-built library of best-practive agenda item templates
OpenMeeting Meeting Manager Total Display Control Preview

Streamline Your Process

You don’t need to dread your meeting preparations. Your agendas shouldn’t be “one-and-done.” When you have topics that are discussed at each meeting, it can be faster to save your agendas and/or agenda items for your future meetings. 

Instant agenda packet creation – Agendas can easily be put into a format that best fits your meeting style.

  • Printable PDFs
  • Paperless packet creation and publication
    • Integrated with OpenMeeting Member App
    • Easily integrates with your current website

Timer Options

  • Publicly displayed timers
  • Countdown voting timers

Your agendas shouldn’t be “one-and-done.” When you have topics that are discussed at each meeting, it can be faster to save your agendas and/or agenda items for your future meetings. 

  • Quickly duplicate agenda items or save them as item templates
  • Save agenda items for future meetings

Agenda Items

Standard Voting Items

  • Integrated platform voting criteria options:
    • Majority
    • Majority of Full Membership
    • 2/3
    • 2/3 of Full Membership
    • 3/4
    • 3/4 of Full Membership
    • Custom (Specific number of Yes votes needed)
    • Voice Vote
  • Consent Agendas
    • Allows multiple agenda items to be discussed and voted on as a single agenda item
    • Multiple consent agendas allowed
  • Category Item Grouping
    • Allows grouping of multiple items under a single category description
    • Multiple-levels allowed
    • Creates easier to read and follow agendas
  • Non-voting Items
  • Multiple Choice Voting Agenda Item
    • Customizable choice creation for use in board elections, surveys, polls, etc.
    • Votes/Choices displayed in multiple visual representations for display and publication
      • Sorted results list, bar graphs, and pie charts
  • Nominations
    • Allows for nominations of contest/position candidates from OpenMeeting Member App or voiced nominations
      • Allows for nomination motion and second before acceptance
      • Easily converted into Multiple Choice Voting Agenda Item for voting
OpenMeeting Meeting Manager Total Display Control Preview

Easy Remote Meetings. Really.

To top it all off, all of this can be done from anywhere. Agenda Manager runs on the clerk’s computer wherever they are allowing for in person and remote meetings or even a mix of both when needed. Total flexibility and accessibility for everyone involved.

OpenMeeting Virtual Board Meeting

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Our modern, simple-to-use, visual applications help ensure that all of your meeting procedures and actions are automatically documented and displayed as they occur during your meetings. Request a demonstration and let our team show you how OpenMeeting is the solution to help your meetings run better, faster, easier.

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