Benton County Increases Citizen Engagement in Virtual Meetings with OpenMeeting Software

A new technological initiative, funded by the CARES Act

Camden, TN — Benton County, TN, has adopted OpenMeeting Technologies’ legislative meeting software to support their goal to increase citizen engagement in virtual meetings. Funded by the CARES Act, this initiative represents their continued effort to better communicate with the public via more engaging online meetings during the coronavirus pandemic.


The important business of local government must continue through any emergency. The current challenge, with the COVID pandemic, is an opportunity for local government officials to find fresh ways to accomplish essential work, while maintaining safe social distancing practices. Benton County has risen to the challenge by implementing this legislative meeting software.

For rural counties such as Benton, the digital age is really just coming into play within our normal operations and governmental communications with our citizens and customers,” said Benton County Mayor, Brett Lashlee. “With the COVID-19 impact, this has forced an acceleration of the need for more digital enhancements. I am a product and student of the digital age having worked in more urban settings where digital components were an everyday thing. However, I believe our local officials, employees, and citizens are now very much welcoming this into our normal and everyday working world seeing the benefits of more enhanced and efficient operations from the COVID-19 complications that were placed on us suddenly. Maybe that was one benefit of the virus, but a benefit very much needed for the rural areas as it was long overdue. We are excited about getting this new system up and running and incorporating it into our everyday world. It will allow for more transparency to our citizens, while aiding various departments and legislative processes.

Benton County Maylor, Brett Lashlee

Brett Lashlee, Mayor

Benton County, TN

OpenMeeting Technologies, among the fastest growing software companies in Minnesota, is pleased to welcome Benton County, TN. Counties and municipalities recognize the need to update and upgrade their meeting processes to benefit meeting participants and improve citizen engagement. OpenMeeting provides counties and municipalities with an integrated gavel-to-gavel legislative meeting solution for digital meeting management. With over 100 local government customers already, OpenMeeting’s legislative meeting solution saves time and money while reducing the headaches associated with legislative meeting management.


About OpenMeeting Technologies:
OpenMeeting Technologies is a software company, founded in 2003 and headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Their gavel-to-gavel legislative meeting software provides local government with digital meeting management including agenda maker, electronic roll call, motions and seconds, simultaneous electronic voting, public display of meeting proceedings and automatic record generation.

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