The Best Legislative Meeting App for Local Government Meetings

Why is the OpenMeeting Member App so popular with local government leaders?

OpenMeeting Technologies’ Member App is a central part of the OpenMeeting board meeting software. It puts the meeting in the palm of the board member’s hand, and it seamlessly integrates and communicates with the Meeting Manager, the Public Display, and the Discussion Manager tools as a fully integrated gavel to gavel meeting platform.

Let’s take a look at why OpenMeeting’s Member App is so popular today.

1. Works Remotely

Because it’s an app, the OpenMeeting Member App works from anywhere members can get a connection. They can join their board meeting from the board room, the office, home, even the beach. This ability to attend board meetings remotely has proven essential during COVID-19 when local government leaders were forced to meet remotely. The OpenMeeting Member App has allowed members to attend board meetings and continue their important work.

#1 Legislative Meeting App for Local Government

2. Flexible Technology

The OpenMeeting Member App can be installed and used on a wide variety of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Chromebook, Windows devices, and more.

3. User Friendly

It’s so easy, a caveman can do it. Board members open the Member App, tap sign-in, and they are immediately in the meeting. Because the Member App remembers sign-in credentials from meeting to meeting, sign-in takes mere seconds. The clerk calls the meeting to order, members tap ‘Present,’ and the roll is automatically tallied determining quorum.

4. Visual Proceedings

The visual cues make following the agenda and taking action in the meeting easy. Especially in remote meetings, it’s helpful to be able to see which member has requested to speak and in what order, right on your mobile device. The built-in discussion manager with speaker cue is displayed on all board members’ devices, whether they are in the board room or at home.

5. Fast

Let’s face it, there is time to save in meetings. Verbal roll call voting is a good example. The Member App enables instant, simultaneous voting that saves measurable time over verbal voting. OpenMeeting users report that using the Member App for voting shortens their meetings by 30 – 50%! Additionally, with our microphone control system, members don’t have to wait for each speaker to activate his/her own microphone.  When the chair recognizes a speaker, his/her microphone is “hot”.  There’s also no waiting for speakers to deactivate their own microphone, so your recording captures all of the dialog, less of the noise.

OpenMeeting’s electronic roll call voting collects and tallies the votes automatically, it calculates the outcome of the votes based on the criteria you set, and it generates a perfect electronic record (time stamps included!) for you to include into your minutes.

6. Secure

The OpenMeeting Member App connects to a closed network, with secure member login. In order to log in, members are set up with the meeting IP address of the clerk’s PC, a username, and a password.  All these credentials are “remembered” session to session by the Member App to make things easy for board members each meeting.

7. Seamlessly Integrated Into Our Gavel to Gavel Platform

The Member App automatically communicates with the Public Display, projecting the vote tallies, requests to speak, and motions and seconds. The shared visual output to the Public Display helps everyone, members and the public participants, see what’s happening in real-time.

For the casual observer, legislative meetings can seem more like an auction, complete with a fast-talking auctioneer using strange hand signals, so it’s hard to understand what’s going on. That’s why we designed our Public Display to communicate what issue the group is discussing, what positions members have taken on the issue, and what action is being taken.


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