Build Public Trust and Confidence in Local Government

Public trust is crucial to maintain an efficient and effective local government. Unfortunately, in recent years, public trust and confidence in local government has been declining. Local governments across the country are finding innovative yet simple ways to improve their transparency, and therefore, foster trust and confidence in their community.

The Importance of Public Trust and Confidence

As trust rises in public citizens, so does their confidence in a local government’s competency and intent. Additionally, citizens become more cooperative and engaged with their government.

The benefits of public engagement are significant as well, including:

• Improved policymaking
• Increased public justification for policy options
• More policy consensus

This, in turn, leads to:

• Easier implementation of policies
• Fairness of decisions
• More effective public action

Public Trust is Lowest in Transparency

In a study performed in 2020, citizens reported their trust level in local government in four categories: humanity, transparency, capability, and reliability. Transparency scored the lowest, and citizens generally reported low trust overall in this category.

Unfortunately, public trust in government has overall been on a decline. Even trust in local government declined by 5% from 2021 to 2022. However, many local governments have been utilizing modern technology, such as visual aids in their legislative meetings, to help combat the erosion of public trust.

Using a Voting Display to Improve Transparency & Build Trust

Incorporating modern meeting management tools into your public meetings is a powerful way to improve public trust and engagement. OpenMeeting Technologies offers a user-friendly solution to easily improve public transparency: A voting display.

Council chamber with a legislative meeting software with public display and e-voting system.

The OpenMeeting system includes a voting display that instantly visually communicates all meeting activity, including:

• Roll call
• Agenda order and current agenda item being addressed
• Motions and seconds (and who made them)
• Who is speaking
• Vote tally results
• How much time citizens have left to speak during public comment

The system also includes electronic voting and roll call accessed through a tablet app. The results are displayed on a monitor in the room and/or digitally. Regardless of whether citizens are attending the meeting in person or online, meeting activity is easy to follow, understand, and engage in.

Today, more than ever, the manner in which local governments conduct business is as important as the business itself. By prioritizing transparency and public experience, local governments build greater trust and confidence.

Improve public transparency, engagement, and overall trust and confidence with the OpenMeeting system. Learn more about the OpenMeeting legislative meeting management system today.

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