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Clicker Voting

(Roll Call Pro)

Pioneering Solution
Purpose-built solution to streamline the voting process. A simple and functional design with only four buttons, this method was an improvement over verbal roll-call voting.

Limited in its Simplicity
Though this was a modern solution at the time, it can’t be customized and lacks most features local governments need today. Without a visual guide to show agenda items and meeting actions accessible through the voting device, this method cannot compare to modern smart devices.



Voting System

Electronic voting on a touchscreen tablet app.

Pioneering Modern Solution
The OpenMeeting system has evolved to take advantage of smart device technology. We offer new features such as paperless agenda and visual
discussion management. Our solution is now more flexible, modern and secure, but still easy to use.

Improved Public Experience
As public transparency and perception grow in priority for local governments, we developed an intuitive Public Display and Discussion Management. This prevents confusion or interruptions, so the public can easily follow the meeting.

“This innovative meeting technology is one of the ways that we are rethinking our approach to engagement and collaboration.”

Jill Lau

County Clerk, Door County, WI

“Being a digital, visual system, both our commission and our community benefit from
watching the…requests to speak, motions and votes.”

Beth Johnson

County Clerk, Roane County, TN

“OpenMeeting had the features that we need to ensure a smooth, fair meeting that is easier for the public to follow and creates easy-to-reference records.”

Jeff Everson

Commission Clerk, Caddo Parish, LA

City Council & County Board

Electronic Voting and Legislative Meeting Software

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Kimberly Brickles

City Clerk, City of Springfield, TN

Kaitlyn Bernarde

City Clerk, City of Wausau, WI

Kim Pytleski

County Clerk, Oconto County, WI

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