Clickers vs. App-Based Voting System

Learn how clickers compare to app-based electronic voting.

Clickers vs. app-based electronic voting systems for councils, boards, and school boards.
Comparison of features between clicker voting systems and app-based electronic voting systems for council and board meetings.

We Evolve to Meet the Needs of Modern Government

Where it Started


Clicker Voting (Discontinued)


Pioneering Solution
A purpose-built solution to streamline the voting process. A simple and functional design with only four buttons, this method was an improvement over verbal roll-call voting.

Limited in its Simplicity
Though this was a modern solution at the time, it can’t be customized and lacks most features local governments need today. Without a visual guide to show agenda items and meeting actions accessible through the voting device, this method cannot compare to modern smart devices.



App-Based Voting

County board and city council electronic voting on a touchscreen tablet app.

Pioneering Modern Solution
The OpenMeeting system has evolved to take advantage of smart device technology. We offer new features such as a digital agenda and visual discussion management. Our solution is now more flexible, modern, and secure, but still easy to use.

Improved Public Experience
As public transparency and perception grow in priority for local governments, we developed an intuitive Voting Display and request-to-speak Discussion Management. This prevents confusion or interruptions, so the public can easily follow the meeting.

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