Colorado Municipal Clerks Association Uses OpenMeeting for Annual Board Meeting


On October 20th, the Colorado Municipal Clerks Association Board of Directors concluded the 2023 CMCA conference in Snowmass Village, Colorado with their annual board meeting, but this meeting stood out from previous years.

This year, the CMCA Board of Directors used the OpenMeeting electronic voting and request to speak system to run their board meeting, boosting efficiency and making the meeting easier for everyone to follow.

Colorado Municipal Clerks Association Uses OpenMeeting for their annual board meeting.

The board members motioned, seconded, and voted on tablets through the OpenMeeting app, and these actions were shown on the large meeting display at the front of the room to help everyone follow along.

Because the system automatically records meeting actions like roll call, motions & seconds, and voting, the Secretary of the CMCA Board of Directors, Jenna DiRubbo (City Clerk at the City of Sheridan, CO), was able to focus on taking meaningful notes during the meeting.

The City of Sheridan adopted the OpenMeeting system in 2022, and Jenna is excited to be bringing her city’s electronic voting system into CMCA’s board meetings.

“OpenMeeting equals transparency and allows Sheridan to fulfill its commitment to our residents. Paper and pen are out — OpenMeeting is in and a clerk’s best friend!”

– Jenna DiRubbo, City Clerk, City of Sheridan, CO

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