RollCall Systems acquired and Renamed to OpenMeeting Technologies

The acquisition of RollCall Systems is exciting news!

As a company that provides innovative, reliable, and cost-effective voting solutions with great service and support, Command Central was thrilled to acquire RollCall Systems. The RollCall Pro and RTS software, made specifically to improve local government meetings (both remote and in-person), is now known as OpenMeeting Technologies. The fusion of these two great and dedicated companies is exciting and will serve the local government community even better. We’ve combined RollCall Pro and RTS Pro into one powerful meeting platform with four purpose-built components: Meeting Manager, Discussion Manager, Member App, and Public Display. As a company philosophy, we practice customer-driven innovation. Another way to say this is, we ask customers what they like and need to solve their most pressing challenges and then we build it, refine it, and then speak with our customers again. Its a continuous feedback loop and a partnership with our customers. 

Meeting Manager

The Meeting Manager empowers clerks and officials with easy-to-use, automated features to ensure local government meetings run smoothly. From the start, the Meeting Manager makes sure all the aspects of the board meeting are in order. It starts with the clerks verifying the meeting rules and procedures, identifying participants, and entering the pre-approved agenda. Starting off on the right foot builds the foundation for a successful meeting. Give the clerk confidence that all details are taken care of before the meeting even starts. The Meeting Manager setup process saves clerks time as they prepare for meetings and is a useful tool for local governments, like city council or county boards.

Legislative Meeting Software

Discussion Manager

The Discussion Manager provides a simple set of tools that give the Board Chair control to lead an effective meeting. They are able to set the tone for the meeting and lead the board through the agenda in the most productive and efficient way possible. This tool enables the Board Chair to maintain order and manage the discussion fairly and effectively. Requests to speak are sent via the Discussion Manager, where they can be approved by the Chair and automatically displayed in the order they’re received for all to see. No need to interrupt discussion to acknowledge speaking requests or worry about who should speak next. The Chair is now able to focus their thoughts on managing the content and quality of the discussion.

Member App

The OpenMeeting Member App provides everything a board member needs –  right at their fingertips. This tool is accessible from almost any device. The Member App guides board members through the flow of the meeting and prompts them to complete an action as needed. It speeds up slow procedural processes and facilitates orderly discussion, saving valuable time and making meetings more productive.

Public Display

The OpenMeeting Public Display shows critical details about how the legislative board meeting is proceeding and engages citizens and onlookers in public meetings in a more meaningful way. Public government meetings, especially city council and board meetings, need to include, of course, the public. It can be difficult for involved citizens to hear and see everything during an in-person and nearly impossible to engage during a virtual board meeting. The Public Display creates meeting visuals that are accessible in-person and remotely. This makes it much easier for onlookers to understand the discussion and absorb the more detailed proceedings of a local government meeting.

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