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About OpenMeeting

OpenMeeting has provided legislative meeting software solutions to counties and municipalities for more than 15 years. Customer experience is at the core of our culture, and out customer-centric approach involves frequent communication, ongoing surveys, and a strong service and support mentality. We rely on our team of dedicated professionals to put your needs first. Together, we form a core group that’s the heart-and-soul of our operational crew. Our core values include: Trust (built with sincerity of character, respect, open communication, and consistent follow-through), Integrity (honesty and transparency), Innovation (promoting bold ideas that challenge the status quo), and Teamwork (value people; embrace a growth mindset; and seek, accept, and give honest feedback). Service is at the heart of what we do. Our focus is on service, training, and support. Right from the start, we’re here to help. We strive to deliver unparalleled customer service to each of our clients. WYSIWYN (What You See Is What You Need) Interface: Our interface provides each user with exactly what they need when they need it. This interface reduces training time by 66%! We leverage the investments you’ve already made in technology and training. The OpenMeeting platform has been used in over 10,000 legislative meetings, and our staff have been personally involved in hundreds of these meetings. We’ve been able to identify, anticipate, and design improvements to ensure more productive and efficient meetings. OpenMeeting has a tool for everyone in your board meeting: the Meeting Manager for clerks and other officials, the Member App for board members, the Discussion Manager for board chairs, and the Public Display for public participants. Most of these tools are available on a variety of devices (Apple, Android, and Windows phones, tablets, and computers).

Our Timeline

This company launched in 2003 as Roll Call Systems. It offered simple technological solutions to achieve better, more effective legislative meetings, and it was designed by local government officials to solve the real-world challenges that come with running board meetings. The first solution was called RollCall Pro. It was a clicker system taht simplified voting for board members. Aquired by Command Central in 2019 and renamed to OpenMeeting Technologies. Became one of the fastest growing software companies in Minnesota in 2020. The addition of key team members grew the company by over 300%.

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