Council Meeting Excellence: The City of Wausau

In 2022, the City of Wausau upgraded their council meetings and replaced their outdated voting system with a modern meeting management software, OpenMeeting.

The City of Wausau has set an excellent example for other municipalities with their expert use of the new system to improve their council meetings and public experience.

How the City of Wausau Demonstrates Council Meeting Excellence:

1. Their Meeting are Easy to Follow


The City of Wausau leverages technology to improve public transparency and experience in their meetings.

Council meeting electronic voting system in the City of Wausau, WI.

The Wausau City Council utilizes a meeting display, a feature included in their meeting management software, to visually communicates meeting activities. This includes:

  • The current agenda item
  • Motions and seconds
  • Requests to speak
  • Vote results
  • Public comment speaker timer

The display makes it easy for the public (and staff) to follow along with the meeting.

This level of transparency not only fosters greater trust between the council and the community, but it also encourages more public engagement.

2. Their Meetings are Efficient

Efficiency is a top priority for city council meetings for various reasons, including:

  • It builds public confidence and trust by demonstrating a council’s effectiveness.

  • It reduces the meeting duration, saving everyone time.

With the City of Wausau’s use of a modern electronic voting system, their voting process has become seamless and swift with each council member voting via tablet app.

Voting now rarely takes more than 30 seconds, a significant reduction from the time-consuming manual voting method previously used.

This efficiency not only speeds up decision-making, but it also allows more time to be spent on meaningful discussions.

3. Their Meetings are Easy to Run

The City of Wausau’s meetings are now easier to run with the council’s optimal use of the meeting management system.

They utilize tools such as electronic roll call, electronic voting, request-to-speak, and speaker timers to ensure their meetings stay on track and run smoothly.

Additionally, the meeting and voting tablets provide clear guidance throughout the meeting, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The streamlined process reduces confusion and helps maintain a steady flow, allowing the council to address agenda items effectively and efficiently.

Setting a New Standard for Council Meetings


City of Wausau uses OpenMeeting meeting management software system for their monthly council meeting.

The City of Wausau’s use of modern meeting management software to improve efficiency and public experience shows their commitment to leadership and innovation.

By upgrading and modernizing, they have significantly improved the efficiency and ease of running their meetings while also enhancing public transparency and experience.

Wausau’s initiative serves as a model for other cities looking to modernize their meeting processes and better serve their communities. The success of their implementation sets a new standard for council meetings.

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