Enjoy Easier, Better Council Meetings

With electronic voting, request-to-speak discussion management, automatic documentation, and more, the OpenMeeting Technologies meeting management system offers the tools you need to streamline your council meetings.

Do you dread your council meetings?

Are your meetings difficult to get through?

Your meetings and legislative processes are inefficient, time-consuming, disorganized, and sometimes even frustrating. 

Do your meetings make you look bad?

As the public watches you in action, their perception of your competence declines because of your inefficient processes.

Are your meetings difficult to follow?

It’s difficult for citizens to know who is currently speaking, how their representative votes, and to follow the meeting in general.

We’ve created the solution for easy, streamlined, and transparent council meetings.

County board and city council electronic voting on a touchscreen tablet app.

Streamline the Meeting Process

Electronic roll call, motions, seconds, and voting on a smart tablet enables smooth, efficient meeting processes and accurate records.

City council and county board meeting request to speak button on electronic voting tablet.

Run Organized & Orderly Meetings

Councils members are prompted to take action on items when necessary. They can even request to speak to be added to a speaker queue during discussion.

County board, city council, and school board meeting vote tally voting display.

Boost Public Transparency & Confidence

Council members and citizens in the audience can easily follow along with the meeting with a display that visually communicates all meeting actions.

“It allows for more transparency to our citizens while aiding various departments & legislative processes.”


Brett Lashlee

Mayor, Benton County, TN

“OpenMeeting saves me time and reduces common headaches associated with board meetings.”


Beth Johnson

County Clerk, Roane County, TN

“OpenMeeting is a big boost to both the member and public experience for our board meetings.”


Karen Gibson

County Clerk, Dodge County, WI

Purpose-Built Solution to Run Better Meetings

Electronic Roll Call

Council members mark themselves present simultaneously with a press of a button.

Digital Agenda

Skip the paper. Follow along with the agenda automatically through our legislative meeting app.

Electronic Motions, Seconds, & Voting

Council members are prompted to take action on items through our app.

Discussion Management

with a Speaker Queue

Council members electronically request to speak during discussion and are automatically added to a speaker queue.

Voting Display

The display visually communicates all meeting actions so everyone easily follows along.

Public Comment Speaker Timer

Organize and add order to public comment with a customizable timer that citizens can watch.

Automatic Documentation

All meeting actions are automatically recorded to create meeting minutes.

Fair, Accurate, & Private Voting

Individual votes aren’t revealed until the votes are electronically tallied.

User-Friendly Software

A software that anyone can use regardless of digital literacy skills.

Local governments are modernizing their meetings. Don’t get left behind.

Run easier, better council meetings for your community.

County board or city council room with a public display and an e-voting app on tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the OpenMeeting Technologies software user-friendly?

Yes! OpenMeeting’s design philosophy is “what you see is what you need.”

We design simple, purpose-built solutions with our users in mind, specifically for ease of use. Our greatest compliment is when we hear a council member say, “This is easy!”

Does OpenMeeting Technologies offer training and support?

OpenMeeting’s customer success can be reached 24/7.

OpenMeeting operates with a customer-centric philosophy. We even have a former clerk as our Customer Success Manager to aid in onboarding and support.

How long does it take to get this software up and running?

We’ve had customers set up, trained, and live in just a few weeks!

We typically like to allow a month from implementation to go live, but we can move as fast as you want us to. 

What is required to run the system?

This system requires:

  • Tablets for each council member.
  • A laptop or computer to run the clerk’s meeting manager.
  • One or two large monitors to enable the visual display.

We don’t provide this equipment because we know everyone has their own tech preferences, but we do offer recommendations.

How does the cost structure work?

There is a single, flat-rate, one-time cost for implementation, setup, and training and an annual license that includes unlimited members, unlimited meetings, training, support, and platform updates.

Optional committee sublicenses are available. 

“Best. Meetings. Ever.”



Kimberly Brickles

City Clerk, City of Springfield, TN

Kaitlyn Bernarde

City Clerk, City of Wausau, WI

Kim Pytleski

County Clerk, Oconto County, WI