Councils Prioritize Public Experience with Streaming & Electronic Voting Software

As more powerful digital meeting tools emerge, city councils leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the public experience during their meetings.

By embracing innovations such as live streaming and electronic voting systems, councils transform how citizens interact with their local government. Here’s an overview of how these technologies are transforming public experience.

Live Streaming: Make it Easy for the Public to Engage

By utilizing streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD) services, councils create an excellent online viewing experience for the public. Services such as SuiteOne not only live stream the council meeting, but they also host an indexed, searchable agenda and transcript and provide automatic closed captioning for accessibility. These features enable councils to:
  • Engage a broader audience by broadcasting council meetings live over the internet.
  • Boost public experience and trust with excellent presentation and modern tools.
  • Increase transparency by providing real-time access to council proceedings.
Virginia Beach City Public Schools School Board uses OpenMeeting electronic voting and request to speak system.

Port Hueneme, CA uses SuiteOne streaming and VOD for a seamless online viewing experience.

Benefits of School Board Request-to-Speak Systems

Electronic voting systems have fantastic synergy with live streaming because they provide a clear visual representation of meeting activity and streamline the process.

With these features, online public viewing experience is better than ever:

  • Electronic motions, seconds, and voting
  • Request to speak and automatic speaker queue
  • A meeting display that visually communicates all meeting actions
County board electronic voting system being used by Robertson County, Tn.

Robertson County, TN uses the OpenMeeting request-to-speak and electronic voting system to boost efficiency and public experience.

As city councils prioritize public experience and transparency, the integration of live streaming and electronic voting systems will become increasingly prevalent. These technologies create a more connected and informed community, improving accessibility, transparency, and public experience in local governance.

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