Discussion Manager

Lead with Confidence

Discussion Manager provides a simple set of tools that give the board chair the control they need to lead the meeting effectively.

The Discussion Manager enables the Board Chair or Mayor to maintain order and manage the meeting discussion fairly and effectively. Requests to speak are sent, in order, from our electronic voting app to the Discussion Manager. There, they can be approved by the Chair and are displayed automatically for all to see in the order the requests come in. No need to interrupt discussion to acknowledge speaking requests, and no need to worry about who should speak next. 

Discussion manager for legislative meetings on a laptop.

Time Management

One of the biggest challenges when running a meeting is keeping the meeting on schedule and respecting the time of all involved. The Discussion Manager helps the Board Chair with this challenge by providing the ability to set timers for speakers and discussion that are clearly displayed for all to see.

With the timer set and displayed, each speaker knows they will get an equal opportunity to participate and that they need to be concise and to the point. The Chair has the ability to control the length of time set as well allowing them to give more time to important discussion when necessary, ensuring the quality of the meeting is not impacted while still respecting the valuable time of everyone involved.

Procedural control

With a simple click, the Chair is able to present, manage and advance procedural actions like, motions, seconds, amendments and, most importantly, voting. The Discussion Manager guides the Chair through these procedures, ensuring nothing is missed and everything complies with board rules. It allows the Chair to focus their effort on guiding the tone of the meeting and quality of the discussion rather than getting lost in concerns of bothersome procedural compliance.

Legislative meeting discussion manager with speaker queue.

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