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Door County Adopts OpenMeeting Software to Support Remote Board Meetings

A new technological initiative, funded by the Routes to Recovery Act

Sturgeon Bay, WI — Door County is pleased to announce their partnership with OpenMeeting Technologies, which will allow them to more safely and easily hold Board meetings or live events from a remote location using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Funded by the Routes to Recovery Act (part of the CARES Act) this new initiative will roll out later this year to better facilitate effective online meetings during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Providing ways to safely and securely hold meetings has been a top priority for us,” said Jill Lau, Door County Clerk. “This innovative meeting technology is one of the ways that we are re-thinking our approach to engagement and collaboration. We are hopeful that the public will enjoy and feel comfortable experiencing Door County meetings in this new, more accessible, way.”

Jill Lau, County Clerk – Door County, WI

OpenMeeting represents the latest in local government meeting technology, with an intuitive interface and features that allow for start-to-finish meeting management, the capture and distribution of meeting notes, as well as remote electronic voting with time stamp validation. This proven software solution has already been successfully implemented in 17 states, including 33 counties and municipalities in Wisconsin, to optimize the virtual meeting experience.

“We are honored to partner with Door County to help them update their Board meeting technology,” said Chad Trice, OpenMeeting Technologies President. “We are proud of our track record in providing innovative meeting solutions and look forward to a successful long-term partnership with Door County.”

The OpenMeeting solution will be implemented in the fall of 2020, as part of CARES Act Telework, which includes a widespread launch of this popular legislative meeting software solution. 

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Trusted by county and local governments across the country OpenMeeting helps with meeting setup, agenda management, procedures, roll call, voting, meeting logs and so much more. Plus, it works for in person and remote meetings to help keep things running in these challenging times.

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