Electronic Voting

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Streamline your meeting procedures. Take roll call, make motions & seconds, request to speak, and vote all through the OpenMeeting legislative meeting app.


Member App

The OpenMeeting Member App provides everything a meeting member needs, right at your fingertips.

Accessible from Apple, Android, and Windows devices, the Member App guides meeting members through the flow of the meeting and prompts them for action when needed.

Boost Efficiency

Electronic Roll Call

Whether your group is large or small, electronic roll call will save you time and streamline your roll call process, giving your meetings a polished presentation to the public.

When a member marks themselves present, the results are automatically and instantly shown on the Voting Display, allowing meeting members and the public to be quickly and clearly informed about attendance.

Stay on Task

Digital Agenda

Making use of smart technology, the Member App presents agenda items as the meeting progresses, so members are always on topic and know what’s next. No need to worry about what is on the agenda or when a certain item will come up.

Not only does this keep the meeting on topic, but it also helps to avoid excessive paper waste.

Organize Discussion

Request to Speak

Easily make requests to speak that are recognized without interrupting the current discussion. One simple tap and you are in the queue, ensuring you will have due time to weigh in on important matters.

The discussion queue is readily visible to all, so everyone knows who wishes to speak and the order of speakers.

Streamline Procedures

Electronic Voting

Streamline the voting process with electronic motions & seconds and real-time, simultaneous, single-click voting.

Meeting members are shown a straightforward interface requiring a single tap to cast their vote. The results are shown instantly on the Voting Display.

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Easy Remote Meetings

To top it all off, because the OpenMeeting Member App runs on smart technology, it can be used remotely. The Member App runs on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, allowing for in-person, remote, or hybrid meetings when needed.

Roll call, electronic voting, digital agenda, and more, are all accessible and secure, no matter where you are. Total flexibility and accessibility for everyone involved.

An Upgrade from Clickers

App-Based Voting System

From humble but purposeful beginnings offering simple clickers, OpenMeeting has evolved to meet the demands of modern government. Smart technology is capable of offering rich features such as digital agenda, electronic motions, visual discussion management, and a more robust audit trail.

The new OpenMeeting legislative meeting management system is a milestone in meeting management. 

Clickers vs. app-based electronic voting systems for councils, boards, and school boards.

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