Embrace Remote Voting and Discussion Management

How can remote voting and discussion management lead to better legislative board meetings?

The importance of remote voting and discussion management has grown exponentially over the last year. These remote features aid local governments in keeping their meetings going, even when they can’t attend in-person board meetings to make decisions for their community. OpenMeeting’s legislative board meeting software increases government transparency and efficiency, in and out of the board room.

Member App Voting Display


When it’s time to weigh in and make decisions, there are a number of things local governments can do to increase the transparency of their votes. Being able to vote simultaneously removes undue influence from the vote, leaving board members make their own decisions by their own free-will. Plus, the results are tabulated and displayed immediately with the Public Display, for all participating citizens to view. 

OpenMeeting’s Member App not only increases legislative board meeting transparency by removing undue influence, but it also speeds up the meeting, ensuring that the time is used most efficiently. Board members are able to vote in real-time, simultaneously, and with a single click on their device.

Not only do these features apply to voting, they’re helpful for other procedural action in a meeting, such as motions, seconds, and amendments.

Discussion Management 

When the Board Chair is able to efficiently lead the board through a meeting, it allows for a more productive meeting. A board meeting management software, like OpenMeeting, simplifies this process, making it easier to maintain order and manage the meeting discussion fairly and effectively.

Board members are able submit a request to speak, which are then approved by the Board Chair. These requests are displayed automatically for all to see in the order that they are submitted. With these requests, there’s also the ability to set a timer, limiting each member as to how long they can discuss their point. This ensures the best use of everyone’s time and keeps the meeting moving forward.

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