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 Who is OpenMeeting Technologies?

OpenMeeting Technologies is a privately held Minnesota-based company that provides legislative meeting management software to county boards and city councils. With roots in local government solutions, OpenMeeting understands the challenges local government leaders face and the solutions required to successfully deliver services to the public.

Where is OpenMeeting Technologies?

OpenMeeting is proud to be a midwestern company located in the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Our work ethic and values are reflected in our Minnesota-nice approach to supporting our customers and each other. 1265 Kuhn Dr Suite 140, St Cloud, MN 56301

What is OpenMeeting Technologies?

OpenMeeting Technologies is a legislative meeting software solution for city council and county board meetings. OpenMeeting’s software has four seamlessly integrated components – Public Display, Member App, Discussion Manager, and Meeting Manager. 

What is Electronic Voting?

Electronic voting is when city council members and county board members vote on a digital device. Votes are cast simultaneously and when the last vote is cast, all votes are automatically tallied and displayed on the Public Display. Digital devices may include tablets, Chromebooks, Windows devices and smartphone. The OpenMeeting Member App is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 10+. 

How does OpenMeeting benefit clerks?

OpenMeeting provides a suite of easy-to-use tools and automations that save clerks time and headaches. For example, agenda creation is as simple as duplicating a previous agenda or creating a new agenda from a template. Legislative meeting agenda workflow includes automatic communications and process streamlining. The result is time saved and a process that is easier for all stakeholders.

OpenMeeting automatically records meetings activity including roll call, motions, seconds, votes and more. Knowing that OpenMeeting is capturing meeting actions frees up clerks to take other notes.

Is OpenMeeting complicated?

OpenMeeting’s design philosophy is called WYSIWYN. Translation: what you see is what you need. In other words, we are not developing complicated systems just to keep our developers busy, we are designing with our users in mind, specifically for simplicity, ease of use, and an intuitive experience. Our greatest compliment is when we hear a board member say, “This is easy to use!”

Is OpenMeeting secure and safe? 

OpenMeeting takes privacy and security very seriously. Our systems adhere to web development best practices to ensure that all data is protected. All information within OpenMeeting is private and will never be shared with any third parties.

Does OpenMeeting offer training and support? 

OpenMeeting operates with a customer-centric philosophy. Our customer experience is central to everything we do, and our goal is for customers to love our solution and our people. From onboarding to training and support, all the way to adoption and even advocacy.

OpenMeeting’s customer success can be reached 24/7, and responses to issues can be expected within two business days (maximum).


How long does it take to get the OpenMeeting system up and running?

We can move as fast as you want us to. We typically like to allow a month from implementation to go live. There is little, but some technical setup, and depending on priorities, we’ve had customers set up, trained, and live in just a few weeks!

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City Clerk, City of Springfield, TN

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City Clerk, City of Wausau, WI

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