How Accessibility Can Boost Community Engagement

When it comes to developing trust between your local government and your community, proactive and purposeful engagement can make a world of difference.

More than just a job, public officials must uphold a steadfast commitment to service, which necessitates inventiveness and a commitment to engaging their community. Proactive and intentional involvement will make the difference in establishing trust between your local government and the people in your community, as well as encouraging community engagement.

When it comes to growing community involvement, focusing on increasing accessibility can help. This is an essential piece for effectively increasing community involvement and helping your community thrive.

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Meeting people where they are is a crucial aspect in engaging communities that is frequently overlooked. Create techniques to digitally bring government to the people, rather than putting the burden on residents to accommodate live, in-person activities in their daily calendars. Using live streaming software for meetings and events, for example, allows community members to view sessions from home or on-demand. Residents will be more likely to attend municipal council meetings if they can participate from the comfort of their own home. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities for remote engagement and community building are more important than ever.

Boosting Community Engagement with Public Display

Public Display is simple to integrate with your existing video and display technologies, ensuring that everyone in the room (and at home) is up to date. If you’re broadcasting or streaming your meetings, the Public Display can go full screen during voting sequences to give remote participants even more visibility and clarity. The Public Display is adaptable and simple to integrate into your current setup, as well as powerful enough to support your future aspirations.

Anything is possible when used in tandem with the Meeting Manager and the Discussion Manager, including active audio control, automated video pan, zoom, and switching. Experts from OpenMeeting collaborate with your technology teams and partners to help you get the most out of your system and hold truly engaging meetings for public attendees both in person and online.

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