How Automated Documentation Improves Meeting Efficiency

The OpenMeeting platform provides a powerful set of tools that empower clerks and officials with simple, automated documentation features that ensure meetings run smoothly.


Clerks no longer need to take notes by hand while juggling all other aspects of a successful meeting. OpenMeeting’s automated documentation feature simplifies the process. The Meeting Manager automatically and accurately records and time stamps all details of your meetings. From roll call to adjournment, Meeting Manager logs all meeting activity. This includes: 

  • Motions
  • Seconds
  • Amendments
  • Requests to speak
  • Votes

Running your meeting log can be a tedious task, but the Meeting Manager automatically does this, allowing clerks to focus on keeping the meeting on track and running smoothly.  All meeting notes are stored in a text file that can be easily accessed anytime to produce meeting minutes or reference any details of the meeting.

Being able to reference these meeting logs is invaluable, especially for the community you serve. If a citizen is unable to attend a meeting, but they wish to keep up with their local government, this automated documentation allows them to look at meeting notes from their missed meeting. Keeping your community informed improves civic engagement, and that helps build the relationship between local governments and their citizens.

From the start, not only does the Meeting Manager automatically document your meeting minutes, but it helps you make sure all the details of the meeting are in order. To set up the meeting, the clerk verifies the meeting rules and procedures, identifies participants, and enters the pre-approved agenda. This builds the foundation for a successful meeting knowing all of the details are taken care of before the meeting even starts. This process saves clerks time as they prep for meetings and provides confidence that the framework for successful meetings is there to guide the process.

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