Improve Public Perception with Meeting Management Software

Public perception of competency is important in local government because it directly affects the level of trust and confidence that citizens have in their elected officials and government institutions. Because of this, the way local governments conduct themselves and their meetings is just as important as the meeting itself. Meeting management software helps to improve public perception and boost confidence as citizens observe you in action.

Public Perception of Competency is Important

Here are two big reasons why public perception of competency is important in local government:

  1. Trust and confidence: Public perception of competency plays a key role in building trust and confidence in local government. This is especially true with legislative meetings, where citizens can be directly engaged in local government business.
  1. Effective decision-making: When local officials are perceived as competent, citizens are more likely to accept the decisions made by their elected officials, even if they do not agree with them.

Fortunately, you can improve public perception of competency by incorporating modern meeting management into your legislative meetings. The adoption of a new legislative meeting management software can be a smooth process with user-friendly, straightforward software.  

Meeting Management Software to Improve Public Perception of Competency

Union County, TN - Electronic Voting

The Union County Commission in Tennessee uses the OpenMeeting meeting management software to vote electronically.

OpenMeeting Technologies offers an electronic voting and discussion management system that is accessible regardless of digital literacy skills and includes features that prioritize public perception of competency. With one system, board members can:

  1. Keep board members on track: Through the OpenMeeting legislative meeting app, board members will always know what agenda item they are on, what action must be taken to progress the meeting, and the results of a vote. 
  2. Streamline discussion: Keep discussion organized and orderly with a request to speak and speaker queue system. 
  3. Keep the public informed: Make it easy for citizens to follow along with the meeting with a large display in the boardroom that visually communicates meeting actions. This includes roll call, the agenda item, motions and seconds, requests to speak, and the vote tally.

Is improving public perception of competency important to you? Learn more about the user-friendly, modern meeting management solution that will benefit both you and your community today.

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