Increase Transparency and Efficiency with Public Display

Government transparency and efficiency are important aspects of any legislative board meeting.

Being open with citizens creates a better and more trusting relationship with them and allows for better communication and results. The OpenMeeting Public Display aids in building this relationship by sharing critical meeting details about meeting proceedings and makes it easy to include citizens and onlookers in a more meaningful way.

Local government meetings need to ensure they’re inclusive when it comes to the public engagement. It can be difficult for interested and involved citizens to hear and see everything going on in meetings when they are able to attend in person and near impossible to engage when they are not physically present. OpenMeeting Technology’s Public Display is a central part of our meeting management software that creates meeting visuals that are accessible in-person and remotely, making it easier for citizens to understand what is being discussed and to follow the proceedings of a local government meeting.

Keep Your Meeting Flowing

In a typical local government meeting, citizens do their best despite technological and environmental challenges to follow the discussion and direction of the meeting, sometimes simply the audio doesn’t get all the information across clearly enough. That’s what makes the simplicity of OpenMeeting’s Public Display so powerful. The ability to show on screen what is currently being discussed and where the meeting is relative to the agenda ensures that engaged citizens are tracking with their representatives every step of the way. The improved transparency greatly reduces confusion and frustration that comes all too easily to concerned public onlookers and makes for more positive and productive meetings.

Public Display - Board Room
Display the Details with Public Display

Clearly Present the Details

Even if citizens and observers can keep up with the discussion in a government meeting, it is near impossible for them to follow and process all of the meeting procedures. OpenMeeting’s Public Display removes the questions around the details of the proceedings and clearly presents to the public what is being considered, who has the floor, who is engaged in specific procedural actions like motions and seconds, and how each member votes in real-time. Board members are able to vote simultaneously, making meetings more efficient. As a result, the public feels fully engaged in the meeting.

Easy Integration

OpenMeeting’s Public Display easily integrates with your current video and display technology keeping everyone in the room informed. This improves the transparency of your meetings. If you are broadcasting or streaming your open meetings, the Public Display can appear full screen during voting sequences for even greater visibility and clarity around the proceedings for remote participants. The Public Display is flexible and easy to add to your current set up and powerful enough to support your future aspirations.

camera - visual for public display

When combined with the Meeting Manager and the Discussion Manager, better, faster, easier meetings that engage citizens is possible. Some counties and municipalities even include active audio control, automatic video pan, zoom, and switching. OpenMeeting experts will work with your technology teams and partners to get the most out of your system and create truly engaging meetings for public participants in person and remotely.

The Legislative Board Voting Solution You’ve Been Looking For

OpenMeeting Technologies is the legislative board meeting software solution you’ve been looking for. With one powerful platform, you have easy meeting setup, agenda management, automatic documentation, visualization of all procedures, and more! Your board members, citizens, clerk, chair, and everyone else involved will thank you!

“The best local government meetings run on OpenMeeting Technologies”

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