Jefferson County, TN Keeps Their Meetings on Track with OpenMeeting

Local governments across the United States are keeping their meetings on track with OpenMeeting Technologies.

The OpenMeeting Public Display shows critical details about how the Jefferson County meeting is proceeding and makes it easy to include citizens and onlookers in public meetings in a more meaningful way.

Public government meetings need to ensure they include of course, the public. It can be difficult for interested and involved citizens to hear and see everything going on in meetings when they are able to attend in-person and near impossible to engage when they are not physically present. The Public Display creates meeting visuals that are accessible in-person and remotely, making it much easier for onlookers to understand what is being discussed and absorb the more detailed proceedings of a public meeting.

Seeing is Believing

In a typical public government meeting, citizens do their best despite technological and environmental challenges to follow the discussion and direction of the meeting. Unfortunately, audio alone is not sufficient to ensure that onlookers are able to understand and comprehend what is being debated and when the discussion has moved to new topics.

Display the Details

Even if public participants and observers can keep up with the discussion in a government meeting it is near impossible for them to follow and process all of the motions, seconds, amendments and most importantly votes. That can leave citizens confused and unsure about the process they are participating in.

Lights, Camera, Action

Public Display is easy to integrate with your current video and display technology keeping everyone in the room informed. If you are broadcasting or streaming your open meetings, the Public Display can appear full screen during voting sequences for even greater visibility and clarity around the proceedings for remote participants. The Public Display is flexible and easy to build into your current set up and powerful enough to support your future aspirations.

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