Kansas State High School Activities Association Streamlines Meetings with New Software

The Kansas State High School Activities Association uses the OpenMeeting board meeting software with request to speak and electronic voting.

An innovative state-wide high school activity association has joined city councils, school boards, and county boards in modernizing their meetings. The new system, OpenMeeting, saves time, keeps everyone on track, and upgrades the meeting experience for all involved.

The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) Board of Directors holds biannual meetings with 80+ members to make important decisions about schools throughout the state.

Their challenges were:

  • Efficiency: The meeting duration was very long because of the size of the board.
  • Accuracy: Ensuring accuracy was a challenge when tabulating 80+ verbal votes for each voting item.
  • Organized & Fair Discussion: Running orderly and fair discussion was difficult with 80+ board members.

    The solution was OpenMeeting, and the results exceeded everyone’s expectations:

    • OpenMeeting’s electronic voting shaved over an hour off their meeting.
    • OpenMeeting saved the board secretary time during agenda and minutes creation.

    • The OpenMeeting Meeting Display, which showed important info like requests to speak and vote results, kept everyone on track and improved the meeting experience for all.
    “We adopted OpenMeeting for greater voter accountability and more meeting efficiency. The system is intuitive and simple to run. Our first meeting using this technology was much more time-efficient, which our board members appreciated.”   Brett Unruh, Director of Operations, KSHSAA
    The success of KSHSAA’s implementation of OpenMeeting sets an excellent example for other organizations facing similar challenges. By embracing innovative solutions, they too can achieve greater efficiency, fairness, and transparency in their meetings, ultimately benefiting their entire organization and the communities they serve.

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