Leading By Example: Marathon County Boosts Efficiency with Electronic Voting

In the heart of Wisconsin lies Marathon County, home to a vibrant community and a bustling local government faced with a significant challenge: managing the complexities of board meetings involving 38 voting members. The conventional method of verbal roll call voting was proving cumbersome, hindering rather than facilitating efficient decision-making.

However, a significant transformation occurred when Marathon County adopted the OpenMeeting electronic voting and request-to-speak system. This shift not only modernized their monthly board meetings but also elevated them to new heights of efficiency, organization, and effectiveness.

The Challenge:

With a sizable board38 members totaltraditional verbal roll call voting was a time-consuming and inefficient process. The need for a streamlined method of decision-making was evident, prompting the county to seek innovative solutions.

The Solution: OpenMeeting’s Electronic Voting System

The adoption of the OpenMeeting electronic voting system brought about a fundamental change in how decisions were made. Each board member equipped with a tablet could cast their votes swiftly and efficiently through the OpenMeeting app. The real-time display of votes during tallies on the meeting screen added transparency and clarity, transforming the decision-making process.

The Impact:

Marathon County’s transition to the OpenMeeting system had far-reaching effects:

Efficiency and Organization: The streamlined voting process significantly reduced meeting duration, allowing the board to focus more on critical discussions and agenda items.

Transparency: Real-time display of votes enhanced transparency, enabling both board members and the public to follow and understand the decision-making process.

Public Perception: Improved efficiency and transparency led to a more positive public experience, fostering trust and confidence in the county’s governance.

“I am convinced that the more you use OpenMeeting, the more you will depend upon it as the tool that delivers those efficiencies everyone strives for in running an efficient and effective meeting.”

Kurt Gibbs, Chairman

Marathon County, WI

Embracing the Future:

The shift from traditional methods of governance to electronic systems isn’t just about adopting technology; it signifies the evolution of local governance. It’s a commitment to efficiency, transparency, and leveraging technology to facilitate better governance.

Joining the Movement:

Marathon County and its peers set a new precedent for effective meetings. The invitation stands for other local governments to join this movement, embracing change, and being part of revolutionizing the way governance functions.

The case of Marathon County stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in local governance. As the local government landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovations such as the OpenMeeting system, is not just a choice but a necessity to adopt modern technology to usher in a more connected, efficient, and engaging future.

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