Legislative Board Meeting Software Improves Meeting Efficiency

Everyone values their time, and it’s important to utilize all minutes of a legislative board meeting effectively.

Every city council and county board meeting has an agenda they need to follow to cover all of their topics, as well as make important decisions about things in their community. The OpenMeeting platform is a useful legislative board meeting software that connects all legislative board meeting participants and helps make the best use of everyone’s time. We’re going to share some of the best ways our platform can save your time.

The Meeting Manager setup process saves clerks time as they prepare for meetings, and it provides confidence that the framework for a successful legislative board meeting is there to guide the process. Once the meeting begins, the real power of the Meeting Manager becomes evident. It guides the flow of the meeting automatically and provides a simple point and click interface that allows clerks to advance through all of the required procedures on the defined agenda. It facilitates roll call, presents agenda items, and manages all meeting procedures, including motions, seconds, amendments, and most importantly, instant electronic voting.

One of the biggest challenges when running a city council or county board meeting can be keeping the meeting on schedule and respecting the time of everyone involved. Discussion Manager helps the Board Chair with this challenge by providing the ability to set timers for speakers and discussion that are clearly displayed for all participants to see. With the timer set and displayed, each speaker knows they will get an equal opportunity to participate and that they need to be concise and to the point. The Chair has the ability to control the length of time set as well allowing them to give more time to important discussion when necessary, ensuring the quality of the meeting is not impacted while still respecting the valuable time of all involved.

Accessible from almost any device, the Member App guides meeting members through the flow of the meeting and prompts them for action when needed. It speeds up slow procedural processes and facilitates orderly discussion, saving valuable time and making meetings more productive. Something as simple as roll call can take five minutes or more depending on the size of the meeting and dynamic of the group. With the Member App, all members can confirm attendance for roll call simultaneously with results displayed for all to see immediately. There’s no need to call on each individual independently. Simply call the meeting to order, and seconds later roll call is complete.

The Public Display gives the ability to show on screen what is currently being discussed and where the legislative board meeting is relative to the agenda ensures that engaged citizens are tracking with their representatives every step of the way. This greatly reduces confusion and frustration that comes all too easily to concerned public onlookers and makes for more positive and productive meetings.

Improve the efficiency of all your legislative board meetings moving forward with the help of the OpenMeeting platform. You’ll be able to easily connect all meeting participants and make your meetings better, faster, and easier.

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