Make Remote Meetings Easy with the OpenMeeting Member App

Keep the transition between in-person and virtual meetings simple. OpenMeeting lets everyone access your meetings, even if they’re remote.

The Member App allows for board members to attend and participate in meetings even when they can’t attend in-person, for one reason or another.

This feature provides everything a board member needs – right at their finger tips. Accessible from almost any device, the Member App guides meeting members through the flow of the meeting and prompts them for action when needed. It speeds up slow procedural processes and facilitates orderly discussion, saving valuable time and making meetings more productive.

OpenMeeting Member App Mobile Device

Easily present agenda items to members as the meeting progresses, so they’re always on topic and aware of what is yet to come. No need to worry what is on the agenda or when a certain item will come up. The Member App allows meeting members to be focused on the agenda item at hand and fully engage in the current discussion with confidence knowing important topics will all get the attention they deserve.

With the Member App, board members can easily make requests-to-speak that can be acknowledged and slated without interrupting the current discussion. One simple tap, and you’re in the queue, ensuring you will have due time to weigh in on important matters. The discussion queue is readily visible to all, so everyone knows who wishes to speak and the order in which each member will speak. The Member App sets the stage for efficient and productive discussion on important board business.

What makes the Member app even more powerful is how it let’s members engage with procedural items with a simple click on their device as actions occur in the meeting. As prompted, each member can instantly and simultaneously take necessary meeting actions without delay or undue influence depending on the action required. It guarantees the proper rules and procedures are followed without distracting from the discussion. The Member App saves valuable time for busy board members. Something as simple as roll call can take five minutes or more depending on the size of the meeting and dynamic of the group. With the Member App all members can confirm attendance for roll call at the same time with results displayed for all to see immediately. No need to call on each individual independently. Simply call the meeting to order and seconds later roll call is complete.

Perhaps the single most important feature of the Member App is the real-time, simultaneous, single-click voting. When it is time to weigh in and make decisions, board members are shown a simple interface requiring a single click to cast their vote at the the same time as every other board member. This speeds up the voting process significantly and, more importantly, removes undue influence. The results are tabulated and displayed immediately with all details of the vote recorded behind the scenes automatically. Everything is clear and accountable, and the time it saves busy board members is invaluable.

To top it all off, all of this can be done from anywhere. The Member App runs on almost any device wherever you are allowing for in person and remote meetings or even a mix of both when needed. Total flexibility and accessibility for everyone involved.

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