Create detailed, accurate meeting notes automatically with Meeting Log

One of the most important and difficult jobs for clerks is taking notes that accurately document the actions and proceedings of legislative meetings. These notes need to record the proceedings of the meeting from gavel to gavel and are often used to generate meeting minutes which the board will reference in the future and which become part of the public record for that meeting. Meeting notes should be short and succinct but should document many important details including:

  • Date, time and location

  • Time the meeting was called to order and adjourned

  • Names of attendees and absentees (roll call)

  • Corrections and amendments to previous meeting minutes

  • Additions to agenda

  • Status of quorum

  • Motions taken or rescinded

  • Voting and the voting outcome

Board Meeting Notes

While that is not an exhaustive list you quickly get the picture how much effort and attention is required to create good meeting notes. To make this task even more diffucult clerks are often required to juggle mutliple other tasks during the meeting while attempting to take accurate notes. But there is an easier way…


Introducing the OpenMeeting Meeting Log

Meeting Log is just one of many powerful components built into the OpenMeeting platform and it accurately and automatically records and time stamps the details of the meeting so the clerk does not have to. From roll call to adjournment, Meeting Log transcribes all meeting activity including motions, seconds, amendments, requests to speak and votes. No more taking notes by hand while trying to juggle all the other aspects of running a successful meeting.

Meeting Manager does this tedious task automatically and allows clerks to focus on keeping the meeting on track and running smoothly. Plus, the meeting notes are stored in a text file that can be easily accessed anytime to produce meeting minutes or reference any details of the meeting.

OpenMeeting represents the latest in local government meeting technology, with an intuitive interface and features that allow for start-to-finish meeting management, the capture and distribution of meeting notes, as well as remote electronic voting with time stamp validation. This proven software solution has already been successfully implemented across the nation to optimize the virtual meeting experience.

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