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Meeting Manager provides a powerful set of tools that empower clerks and officials with simple, automated features that ensure meetings run smoothly.

From the start, Meeting Manager helps make sure all the details of the meeting are in order. It starts with the meeting set up where clerks verify the meeting rules and procedures, identify participants and enter the pre-approved agenda. This builds the foundation for a successful meeting knowing all of the details are taken care of before the meeting even starts. The Meeting Manager setup process saves clerks time as they prep for meetings and provides confidence that the framework for successful meetings is there to guide the process.

OpenMeeting Simple Meeting Manager Example

Keep Meetings Moving

Once the meeting begins the real power of Meeting Manager becomes evident. Meeting Manager guides the flow of the meeting automatically and provides a simple point and click interface that allows clerks to advance through all of the required procedures on the defined agenda. It facilitates roll call, presents agenda items and manages all meeting procedures including motions, seconds, amendments and most importantly voting.

This important process is managed quietly behind the scenes and creates an organized and constructive meeting environment that allows meeting members and participants to focus on the agenda topics and discussion rather than worry that proper rules and regulations are being followed. Meeting Manager reduces the stress clerks feel to direct and apply proper meeting procedures and sets the tone for great meetings.

Total Display COntrol

Meeting Manager connects seamlessly and automatically to the Member App and the Public Display ensuring everyone participating in the meeting sees what they need to see, when they need to see it. Meeting members follow the agenda on the Member App on their personal devices and are prompted to take procedural actions as needed. Meanwhile, public observers see meeting events happening in real time on the Public Display with clear visuals of procedures and voting results.

This is all controlled and distributed automatically via Meeting Manager as the clerk advances through the meeting agenda. Meeting Manager makes this normally challenging process incredibly simple and removes distractions while keeping everyone informed and on topic producing better quality meetings every time.

OpenMeeting technologies solution with electronic voting, roll call and agenda management.

Perfect records every time

Finally and most importantly for many clerks, Meeting Manager automatically and accurately records and time stamps all details of the meeting. From roll call to adjournment, Meeting Manager logs all meeting activity including motions, seconds, amendments, requests to speak and votes. No more taking notes by hand while trying to juggle all the other aspects of running a successful meeting.

Meeting Manager does this tedious task automatically and allows clerks to focus on keeping the meeting on track and running smoothly. Plus, the meeting notes are stored in a text file that can be easily accessed anytime to produce meeting minutes or reference any details of the meeting.

Easy Remote Meetings

To top it all off, all of this can be done from anywhere. Meeting Manager runs on the clerk’s computer wherever they are allowing for in person and remote meetings or even a mix of both when needed. Total flexibility and accessibility for everyone involved.

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