Oconto County Board Upgrades Meeting Management System to Electronic Voting Tablets

Council chamber with a legislative meeting software with public display and e-voting system.

Oconto County, Wis. – Feb. 3, 2023 – Oconto County adopts electronic voting and meeting management software to improve the efficiency and transparency of county board meetings.

With the adoption of OpenMeeting Technologies’ electronic voting and meeting management software, Oconto County county board meetings are now better for both board members and citizens. They’ve joined other local legislative leaders across the nation who are committed to increasing effectiveness and enriching the public experience.

The Benefits of Their Modern Meeting Management

“I chose OpenMeeting for the ease of use. You literally cannot mess this up! You have the ability to build off templates prior to the meeting, make amendments during the course of discussion, and you have confidence knowing you’re creating an accurate record,” said Kim Pytleski, Oconto’s County Clerk.

The secure, touchscreen tablet app leads board members through the meeting and prompts them to take action when necessary. This allows orderly discussion and speeds up tedious procedural processes, so it saves time and boosts productivity.

There’s no need to worry about pressure or undue influence because voting occurs simultaneously, can be done in person in council chambers or remotely and is confidential until the results are tabulated. The Oconto County board used clickers to vote before they moved to touchscreen tablet voting, which now gives them the ability to see the agenda, change their vote if needed and see the results of the vote all on their tablet’s screen.

Though it can be challenging for attendees to hear and see everything during meetings, improving their experiences in legislative sessions becomes more important as public interest in local government grows. OpenMeetings’  voting display provides meeting visuals that are visible in person and online, making it much easier to follow the proceedings of a public meeting. The voting display aids in the reduction of any confusion and anxiety, which makes the meeting easier for the public to follow.

“We are thrilled that Oconto County selected OpenMeeting Technologies for their meetings,” said Mark Netsch, Director at OpenMeeting Technologies. “Interest in our system has been high as public participation increases and citizens take greater interest in their local government processes. Our electronic voting software improves board member experience and the meeting itself but the most visible benefit to the public is the public display that provides a visual aid for anyone in the room or watching online. One mayor recently referred to it as the citizen display.”

During a recent check-in with Oconto County, Pytleski had more feedback for the OpenMeeting team:

“The OpenMeeting team has been the best part of this change. The relationships that Chad, Sue Ann, and Jill build, they make you feel like you’re part of their team, and that only enhances the product,” said Pytleski.

About OpenMeeting Technologies: OpenMeeting Technologies is a pioneer in electronic voting and legislative meeting management. OpenMeeting is helping city councils and county boards modernize their meetings by offering touchscreen tablet electronic voting, paperless agendas, discussion management and a public display. This system improves efficiency, public perception and transparency as well as overall board member and public experience.

Article updated on February 3, 2023 to include Oconto County’s experience with OpenMeeting Technologies.

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