It’s Time to Modernize Your Meetings

More than 25 Tennessee counties and municipalities use the OpenMeeting system to run modern commission and council meetings.

Join your peers and modernize your meetings with the OpenMeeting electronic voting and request-to-speak system.

A Wave of Adoption

More than 25 Tennessee counties and municipalities have modernized their meetings with OpenMeeting and in doing so have improved public perception, meeting efficiency and overall meeting experience.

County board or city council room with a public display and an e-voting app on tablets.
  • NElectronic roll call & voting
  • NRequest-to-speak discussion management
  • NVoting display to boost transparency
  • NPublic comment speaker timer
  • NDigital, paperless agenda
  • NAutomatic documentation & meeting minutes

System Overview and Pricing

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Modern Meetings in Action

School board electronic voting and voting display, public comment speaker timer, and discussion management.

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