OpenMeeting Technologies Brings New Meeting Technologies to Local Governments Across the United States

Local governments level up their meetings and improve meeting experiences for everyone involved when they use OpenMeeting.

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An exponential growth in remote board meetings since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced city councils to take a closer look at how they conduct their meetings. They’ve had more eyes on their meetings, seeing how smoothly or poorly their meetings operate. This has shown where they have the opportunity to improve their meetings.

City councils have been updating their meeting technology to make their meetings more accessible. Board members and citizens are able to better access the information during meetings whether they’re attending in-person or remotely.

OpenMeeting has features that aid in improving government transparency. When a city council uses this platform during their meetings, board members vote simultaneously, and because of this, it removes undue influence, removes the ability to play politics, and shows their citizens what’s happening during the meeting in real-time. This all leads to an increase in public confidence.

A primary goal of the OpenMeeting platform is to improve user experience for everyone in local government board meetings. The Member App improves board member experience by allowing them the flexibility to participate either in-person or remotely, even if the meeting is hosted in-person.

The Public Display feature shows the citizens what’s currently being discussed; where the meeting is relative to the agenda; and the process of all of the motions, seconds, amendments, and votes. When the citizens of a community have the ability to attend meetings remotely, the result is typically increased civic engagement within that community.

“Public confidence should increase as people observe you in action,” Mark Netsch, OpenMeeting Technologies.

Trusted by local governments across the country, OpenMeeting empowers city councils and county boards to conduct better, faster legislative meetings for everyone in the boardroom. Easy meeting setup, agenda management, documentation and visualization of all procedures including roll call, discussion management, electronic voting, meeting logs, and so much more.

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