One Powerful Platform

Everything you need to easily control and display every aspect of your legislative meeting, even remotely. Really.


Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager provides a powerful set of tools that empower clerks and officials with simple, automated features that ensure meetings run smoothly.

Empower Board Members

Member App

Accessible from almost any device, the member app guides meeting members through the flow of the meeting and prompts them for action when needed.
Lead with Confidence

Discussion Manager

Discussion Manager provides a simple set of tools that give the board chair the control they need to lead the meeting effectively.

Visualize Procedures

Public Display

The OpenMeeting Public Display shows critical details about how your meeting is proceeding and makes it easy to include citizens and onlookers in public meetings in a more meaningful way.

Meetings Made Easy

Trusted by county and local governments across the country OpenMeeting helps with meeting setup, agenda management, procedures, roll call, voting, meeting logs and so much more. Plus, it works for in person and remote meetings to help keep things running in these challenging times.

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