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OpenMeeting Technologies is modernizing legislative meetings. For more than 15 years, OpenMeeting has provided legislative meeting software solutions to county boards and city councils.

Key milestones in our company history include:

2003: Launched as Roll Call Systems (RCS), RCS developed a unique, purpose-built system for electronic roll call, electronic voting, and discussion management to achieve better, more effective legislative meetings. The system was designed by local government officials to solve real-world challenges relating to running board meetings and was immediately a hit with county boards and city councils. The first solution was called Roll Call Pro (RCP) – a clicker system that made voting easier for board members.

2019: Roll Call Systems was acquired and renamed OpenMeeting Technologies.

2020: OpenMeeting added key team members growing over 300%, making OpenMeeting one of the fastest-growing software companies in Minnesota. OpenMeeting developed and released new software allowing customers to continue to meet despite the separations caused by the pandemic. OpenMeeting’s iOS and Android legislative Meeting App was accepted into the App Stores making OpenMeeting the first and only app that enables continuance of operations when board members need to be home.

2021: OpenMeeting Technologies continued to be one of the fastest growing software companies in Minnesota, adopted by the largest county in Michigan, Wayne County, several Parishes in Louisiana, counties in Tennessee and Wisconsin, and one of the largest cities in Alabama. The OpenMeeting legislative meeting software system is a hit and local legislative leaders are thrilled to modernize their board meetings while making their work easier.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer Experience

At OpenMeeting, our focus is on our customers. Customer experience is at the core of our culture. This customer-centric approach involves frequent communication, ongoing surveys, as well as a strong service and support mentality. We focus on complete transparency and accountability. We organize our business and our teams to provide the highest levels of service.

Stronger (and Better) Together

At OpenMeeting, we rely on our team of dedicated professionals to put your needs first. Together, we form a core group that’s the heart-and-soul of our operational crew. With seamless synchronicity, we deliver a certain kind of “tech magic” in the form of a legislative meeting software solution.


Our Core Values

At OpenMeeting, our values are customer-oriented and team-driven. We’ve built a positive team of professionals, who are dedicated and passionate about delivering the best possible product to our clients.


Trust: We build trust with our clients and each other, with sincerity of character, respect, open communication and consistent follow-through.

Integrity: We are honest and transparent. We approach our work, our clients, and each other with integrity and accountability because it is who we are and values we embody. Our team is dedicated to open, honest and ethical business practices.

Innovation: We are innovators. We promote bold ideas that challenge the status quo. We celebrate curiosity, embrace change, and seek to drive innovation that serves local government for the benefit of all. Our company culture embraces creativity and diversity.

Teamwork: We value people. We embrace a growth mindset; we seek, accept, and give honest feedback. We trust and learn from each other’s expertise – from our internal team and clients. We support and develop our people, and our teams collaborate to do what is best for OpenMeeting and our clients. We take pride in knowing that our team is helping yours.

Our Service Philosophy

Service is at the heart of what we do. OpenMeeting is a software company that focuses on service, training and support. At OpenMeeting, our focus is on delivering unparalleled customer service to our clients. Our Customer Success Team orchestrates everything from initial onboarding through to the first meeting launch. We offer hands-on training and support to ensure that every step of the implementation process is easy and successful. OpenMeeting strives to be known as a leading customer service company – that also happens to provide the best gavel to gavel legislative meeting software.


What Makes OpenMeeting Unique

WYSIWYN (What You See is What You Need) Interface

Our interface provides each user (whether voting members, the clerk or secretary, or observers) exactly what they need when they need it.  Users report that our WYSIWYN interface reduces training time by 2/3!

Functionality Tailor Made for Efficient Legislative Meetings

Our systems have been used in over 10,000 legislative settings, and our staff has personally been involved in hundreds of these meetings.  This direct “eyes on” approach has allowed us to identify, anticipate, and design for the functionality needed to deliver more productive and efficient meetings.  A meeting time reduction of 50% is not unusual.  On August 21, 2018, a client with 25 voting members conducted two roll call votes within 48 seconds!

Easy Integration with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Components

We leverage the investments you’ve already made in technology and training.  For example, our voting app runs on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices – or a combination of them.  And a standard Windows PC is all that’s required for the Meeting Manager program the clerk uses to run a meeting.  This approach minimizes the support impact of adopting our systems.

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