Isn’t it time to modernize your meetings?

Improve public perception and trust, meeting efficiency, and overall meeting experience with the OpenMeeting legislative meeting management system.

 Electronic roll call & electronic voting

Discussion management with speaker queue

Voting display (in-room and online)

Public speaker timer

Digital, paperless agenda

Automatic documentation & meeting minutes

“As a clerk with many responsibilities, I like that OpenMeeting saves me time and reduces common headaches associated with board meetings.”

Beth Johnson

County Clerk, Roane County, TN

“OpenMeeting is a big boost to both the member and public experience for our board meetings. It gives our board members the ability to vote remotely on their smart devices, and embedding OpenMeeting’s public display into our virtual meetings helps everyone, including the public, follow what’s happening in our meetings.”

Karen Gibson

County Clerk, Dodge County, WI

“For rural counties such as Benton, the digital age is really just coming into play within our normal operations and governmental communications with our citizens and customers…It will allow for more transparency to our citizens, while aiding various departments and legislative processes.”

Brett Lashlee

Mayor, Benton County, TN

The public display and meeting manager features ensure a meeting that meets the needs of the public, our members, and our staff.

Jeff Everson

Commission Clerk, Caddo Parish, LA

Kimberly Brickles

City Clerk, City of Springfield, TN

Kaitlyn Bernarde

City Clerk, City of Wausau, WI

Kim Pytleski

County Clerk, Oconto County, WI

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