Conduct organized, fair, and orderly discussion with a request-to-speak speaker queue, electronic recognition of speakers, and speaker timers.


Discussion Manager Application

Create Order from Chaos

The OpenMeeting Discussion Manager includes request-to-speak with an automatic speaker queue and a visual dashboard to conduct orderly, effective discussion.

Seamlessly integrated with other system features, our discussion management system enables your Chair or Mayor to maintain order and manage the meeting discussion fairly, efficiently, and transparently.

Request to Speak

Conduct Fair & Organized Discussion

Meeting members easily request to speak (RTS) with the tap of a button on their tablets. These requests appear on the Discussion Manager for recognition and are shown on the Voting Display.

Automatic Speaker Queue

Maintain Order & Control

Maintain order and control over discussion with a speaker queue and electronic recognition of speakers. Requests to speak (RTS) instantly appear, in order, in the Discussion Manager to be recognized.

In the background, the OpenMeeting system is documenting the requests to speak and who was recognized for your meeting minutes. 

Speaker Timer

Manage Time Effectively

The Discussion Manager provides the ability to start timers that are clearly displayed for all to see during discussion.

With the timer set and displayed, each speaker knows they will get a fair opportunity to participate and that they need to be concise.

Visualization of Discussion

Easily Follow Along

All discussion activity, including requests to speak, the speaker queue, and who is currently speaking, is shown on the Voting Display for everyone to see. 

This makes it easy for both meeting members and the public to follow along with discussion.

Works with Existing Hardware

A/V Integration

The Voting Display is easy to integrate with your current video and display technology, keeping everyone in the room informed. The voting display is flexible, easy to build into your current set-up, and powerful enough to support your future aspirations.

When combined with the Meeting Manager and the Discussion Manager, anything is possible including active audio control, automatic video pan, zoom, and switching. OpenMeeting experts work with your technology teams and partners to get the most out of your system and create truly engaging meetings for public participants in person and remotely.

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