Our discussion management / request to speak (RTS) system, RTS Pro, gives the chairperson touchscreen control of all the devices in the room, ensuring that recognized speakers have active mics and are on camera.

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RTS Pro adds the ability to control microphones and video cameras to the request to speak (RTS) function in RollCall Pro.  Whether it’s managing an orderly debate that all can hear or creating production-ready video feeds, RTS Pro makes the process plug and play.

This is the WYSIWYN (“What You See Is What You Need”) interface on a member device.  When we begin discussing an agenda item, members can either make a motion or request to speak.  Once a member gets in line to speak, they can cancel their request on their own, and their display tells them where they are in the RTS queue as well as who motioned and seconded.  That’s what we mean by WYSIWYN.

The chairperson has all they need to manage the discussion and can operate the system using a touchscreen display or a mouse.  They see who has requested to speak and in what order.  Touching an icon turns on the member’s microphone and a camera pans and zooms in on whomever has been given the floor.  Speakers can be recognized in any order, but the chair can also simply touch the “Next RTS” button to recognize speakers in order.

Member icons are easily customizable, and so is the background.  RTS Pro even tracks the number of times that a member is recognized on each topic. 

Last but not least, the chair’s speaker recognition on the RTS Pro computer are automatically reflected on the RollCall Pro Public Display.

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