Run Seamless Remote & Hybrid Council Meetings with an Electronic Voting System

City councils are redefining governance through innovative hybrid and remote meeting technologies, now further empowered by electronic voting systems. These systems not only transform traditional council meetings but also make hybrid and remote meetings seamless and easy.

1. Inclusivity & Flexibility

Expanded Participation: Hybrid and remote meetings, coupled with electronic voting systems, enable broader engagement from constituents who cannot attend or have difficulty attending physically.

Fairness & Equality: When attending meetings remotely without an electronic voting system, it can be difficult for council members to have their voices heard during discussion. However, with request-to-speak speaker queue made available via the OpenMeeting electronic voting system, all council members attending (remotely or in-person) have the same opportunity to speak by requesting electronically through the OpenMeeting app.

Request to speak discussion management on electronic voting app for city council, county board, and school board meetings.

With the OpenMeeting Technologies electronic voting system, council members motion, second, request to speak, and vote, in-person or remotely, through the secure OpenMeeting app.

2. Efficiency, Transparency, and Seamless Decision-making

Streamlined Processes: Technology integration, especially electronic voting systems, streamlines administrative tasks, ensuring efficient decision-making and documentation. With the OpenMeeting system, council members motion, second, and vote through the tablet app, and all meeting activity is automatically recorded. Transparency and Efficiency: Real-time voting mechanisms enhance transparency, providing council members and constituents with immediate vote results and an indication on how each member voted.
Eau Claire County uses OpenMeeting electronic voting and discussion management system for board meetings.

In Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, it’s easy to conduct hybrid meetings with the OpenMeeting electronic voting system, and it’s easy for the public to follow along with meeting activities.

3. Effective Implementation and Security

Robust Technology: Councils leveraging electronic voting systems are prioritizing robust technological infrastructure to support seamless meeting experiences.

Cybersecurity Measures: Strict security measures in electronic voting systems safeguard sensitive information, maintaining the integrity of council proceedings.

The integration of electronic voting systems alongside hybrid and remote meeting formats marks a transformative shift in city governance. These technologies, working in tandem, foster flexibility, engagement, efficiency, and transparency within city councils. Embracing these advancements signals a commitment to serving communities well. As cities embrace digital transformation, the integration of electronic voting systems has become a cornerstone in the evolution of more fair, effective, and efficient government.

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