Sauk County Runs Efficient Government Meetings with OpenMeeting

In 2022, we’re going to continue empowering local governments across the US, just like Sauk County.

Our software tools offer a varity of features that make legislative meetings better for everyone involved. Meeting experiences are improved for board members, clerks, the community, and more!
Display the Details with the Public Display
Even if public participants and observers can keep up with the discussion in a government meeting it is near impossible for them to follow and process all of the motions, seconds, amendments and most importantly votes. That can leave citizens confused and unsure about the process they are participating in.

The Public Display removes the questions around the details of the proceedings and clearly presents to the public what is being considered, who has the floor, who is engaged in specific procedural actions and how each member votes in real-time. This helps the public feel fully engaged in the meeting and greatly reduces confusion and anxiety around the detailed proceedings.

Electronic Voting in the Member App
Perhaps the single most important feature of the Member App is the real-time, simultaneous, single-click voting that replaces verbal roll call voting. When it is time to weigh in and make decisions, board members are shown a simple interface requiring a single click to cast their vote at the the same time as every other board member. This speeds up the voting process significantly and more importantly removes undue influence.

The results are tabulated and displayed immediately with all details of the vote recorded behind the scenes automatically. Everything is clear and accountable and the time it saves busy board members is invaluable.

The Legislative Board Voting Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

OpenMeeting Technologies is the legislative meeting software solution you’ve been looking for. With one powerful platform, you have easy meeting setup, agenda management, automatic documentation, visualization of procedures, and more! Your board members, citizens, clerk, chair, and everyone else involved will thank you!

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