Streamline City Council Meetings with Electronic Voting

City council meetings can be long, tedious, and confusing to citizens. This is a problem, especially when it comes time to vote on important issues. In the past, city councils have used a variety of methods to vote, including a show of hands, a roll call, or a voice vote. However, these methods can be time-consuming and can lead to confusion or errors.

Electronic voting, which has become popular with city councils, is a more efficient and accurate way to vote and helps to streamline your meetings. 

How to Streamline City Council Meetings with Electronic Voting

1. Choose an Electronic Voting System for Your Council

When choosing an electronic voting system or software for your city council meetings, you first consider your council’s needs and budget. But also make sure to consider the longevity of the system and the quality of support from the vendor. Is the system up to par with modern technology? Will the vendor provide ongoing support, updates, and improvements?

2. Train Council Members to Use the System

Ideally, the vendor you choose will guide and aid you in the implementation process, providing adequate training for council members. Choosing a user-friendly system will also help make this process easier. 

3. Run Your Council Meetings with the Electronic Voting System

Every electronic voting system or software is different, but here is an example of how a city council meeting would be run with the OpenMeeting electronic voting system:

  • Council members mark themselves present simultaneously on the secure, tablet app.
  • Council members motion, second, request to speak during discussion, and vote through the tablet app.
  • The results of the vote are displayed on each council member’s tablet and a large monitor in the board room.
  • All meeting actions (motions, seconds, votes, etc.) are recorded automatically by the system.

4. Experience the Benefits

Electronic voting systems are powerful tools to run easier and better meetings for your community. The most notable benefits include:

  • More efficiency and productivity during meetings: Electronic voting systems enable council members to cast their votes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, clerks don’t need to manually record votes.
  • Accuracy: Electronic voting eliminates the possibility of human error in vote counting, ensuring that the results are accurate.
  • Transparency: Electronic voting allows council members and the public to see the vote results in real-time. Also, with a vote tally display, each citizen can clearly see how each council member voted.

Overall, electronic voting is an essential tool for city council meetings. Electronic voting systems provide a range of benefits that streamline the voting process and ensure that decisions are made efficiently. By following the steps outlined above, city councils can successfully implement electronic voting in their meetings and enjoy the benefits of this technology.

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