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OpenMeeting makes board meetings easier, faster, and better. Join county and local governments across the country and improve your meetings.

Our modern, simple-to-use, visual applications help ensure that all of your meeting procedures and actions are automatically documented and displayed as they occur during your meetings.

The OpenMeeting Public Display shows critical details about how your meeting is proceeding and makes it easy to include citizens and onlookers in public meetings in a more meaningful way.

Public government meetings need to ensure they include of course, the public. It can be difficult for interested and involved citizens to hear and see everything going on in meetings when they are able to attend in person and near impossible to engage when they are not physically present. The Public Display creates meeting visuals that are accessible in person and remotely, making it much easier for onlookers to understand what is being discussed and absorb the more detailed proceedings of a public meeting.

OpenMeeting Public Display Meeting Vote Tally

The OpenMeeting Member App provides everything a board member needs – right at your finger tips.

Accessible from almost any device, the member app guides meeting members through the flow of the meeting and prompts them for action when needed. It speeds up slow procedural processes and facilitates orderly discussion, saving valuable time and making meetings more productive.

Discussion Manager provides a simple set of tools that give the board chair the control they need to lead the meeting effectively.

The Board Chair sets the tone for the meeting and needs to lead the board through the meeting in most productive and efficient way possible. Discussion Manager enables the Board Chair to maintain order and manage the meeting discussion fairly and effectively. Requests to speak are sent via the Discussion Manager where they can be approved by the Chair and displayed automatically for all to see in the order the requests come in.

No need to interrupt discussion to acknowledge speaking requests and no need to worry about who should speak next. This allows the Chair to focus their thoughts on managing the content and quality of the discussion rather than play referee for whose turn it is.

Meeting Manager provides a powerful set of tools that empower clerks and officials with simple, automated features that ensure meetings run smoothly.

From the start, Meeting Manager helps make sure all the details of the meeting are in order. It starts with the meeting set up where clerks verify the meeting rules and procedures, identify participants and enter the pre-approved agenda. This builds the foundation for a successful meeting knowing all of the details are taken care of before the meeting even starts. The Meeting Manager setup process saves clerks time as they prep for meetings and provides confidence that the framework for successful meetings is there to guide the process.

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