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The Latest System Updates

New Features               Simplified I.T. Benefits                Future-Oriented – Coming in 2022

What is ‘Customer Driven Innovation’? It means we actively listen to our customers and enhance the OpenMeeting system to serve you better.

New Features in the latest release

“Combo App”

The Meeting Manager and Discussion Manager are now a single app

No more managing, opening, and coordinating between two apps

Committee Capability

Now OpenMeeting can be used with all your committees

Meetings are grouped by type (i.e. Council, Finanace, Road/Bridge, Planning, etc.)

User logins dictate who can access meetings by group. Administrator may access ALL meetings

All meeting changes are auto-saved and archived by date

Meeting templates may be one-click copied to create a new meeting

Agenda Enhancements

Agenda editing is now drag & drop, copy & paste functionality

Changes are auto-saved as you type, so no more pop-up to save changes

Agenda templates can be created, copied as a new meeting

Agenda items can have headings with unlimited sub-items

Now capable of multiple consent agendas

  • Unlimited sub-items may be grouped under each consent agenda
  • One-click removal of any or multiple consent agenda items
OpenMeeting Drag and Drop Legislative Meeting Agenda Software

The Public Display is Now an App!

Operate on Android, Apple, or Windows devices

Runs multiple Public Displays

Public Display is never interrupted when changing views on the Meeting Manager

Running as separate apps will provide a constant, uninterrupted view for the public

Much easier to display on a single or multiple displays, or within Zoom, etc

Simplified I.T. Benefits

Only one Windows App (Meeting Manager) to install locally or virtually

More flexible implementation with automatic version updates

The Member App, Discussion Manager, and Public Display are all device apps

Connect via a single DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for mic and camera controls

Enhanced networking and security protocols

Future-Oriented – Coming in 2022

Web-based Agenda Management: Create, Collaborate, Approve, & Publish

“Finished Minutes” Module: Minutes produced fully formatted for approval and publication

Synchronized audio-recording, indexed to your agenda

Public speaker sign-up

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