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The OpenMeeting Member App provides everything a board member needs – right at your fingertips.

OpenMeeting makes connecting to meetings easier than ever with the Member App! This legislative meeting app is available on a variety of devices. It allows meetings to be more accessible to board members, whether meeting in-person or remotely, as all meeting actions are taken in the app.

The Member App, which can be used from practically any device, guides meeting participants through the meeting’s flow and prompts them to take action when necessary. It fosters orderly discussion and speeds up slow procedural processes, saving time and making meetings more effective. Board members can use the OpenMeeting Member App to access Electronic Voting, Motions, Requests to Speak, and Amendments.

OpenMeeting Member App Roll Call

As the meeting progresses, the Member App displays agenda items so that members are always on track and aware of what is to come. There’s no need to be concerned about what’s on the agenda or when a certain topic will be discussed. The Member App helps meeting participants to stay focused on the current agenda item and fully participate in the current discussion, knowing that all essential items will receive the attention they deserve.

Board members can easily make requests to speak, which can be recognized and scheduled without interrupting the current conversation, using our legislative meeting app. With only one swipe, you’ll be added to the queue, guaranteeing that you’ll have enough time to weigh in on crucial issues. Everyone can see the discussion queue, so everyone knows who wants to talk and in what sequence each person will speak. The Member App sets the tone for a productive and efficient discussion of crucial board matters.

What makes the Member App even more powerful is that it allows members to interact with procedural items in the meeting with a single click on their device. Depending on the activity required, each member can instantly and simultaneously take appropriate meeting actions without delay or undue influence when prompted. It ensures that the correct rules and procedures are followed without interfering with the conversation.

For busy board members, the Member App saves time. Depending on the size of the meeting and the dynamics of the group, even something as simple as roll call can take five minutes or more. All members can confirm attendance for roll call at the same time using the Member App, and the results will be published for all to view straight away. There’s no need to call on each person separately. Simply call the meeting to order, and roll call will be completed seconds later.

The Member App’s real-time, simultaneous, single-click voting, which replaces spoken roll call voting, is perhaps its most crucial feature. When it’s time to weigh in and make decisions, board members are presented with a simple interface that requires only one click to cast their vote simultaneously with the rest of the board. This drastically speeds up the voting process while also removing undue influence. The results are quickly tallied and shown, with all voting information automatically recorded behind the scenes. Everything is transparent and responsible, and the time saved by busy board members is priceless.

OpenMeeting Member App Voting

To top it off, you can do all of this from anywhere. The Member App works on practically any device, allowing for in-person and remote meetings, as well as a mix of the two as necessary. Everyone involved benefits from total flexibility and accessibility.

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