More than 25 Tennessee counties and municipalities use the OpenMeeting software to run modern commission and council meetings.
The result is easier meetings that are more attractive and engaging to the public.
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Modernize Your Meetings

Over 25 Tennessee counties and municipalities are improving public perception, meeting efficiency, and overall meeting experience with OpenMeeting. 

Electronic roll call & electronic voting

Discussion management with speaker queue

Public speaker timer

Voting display (in-room and online)

Digital, paperless agenda

Automatic documentation & meeting minutes

County board or city council room with a public display and an e-voting app on tablets.

Modern Meetings in Action

School board electronic voting and voting display, public comment speaker timer, and discussion management.

Hear From Your Peers

With the adoption of OpenMeeting, Roane County transitioned our commission meetings into the digital age and the result has been much better meetings. Replacing verbal roll call voting with electronic voting, our meetings are quicker and smoother, all while removing undue influence. The system gives us the ability to amend resolutions on the screen so everyone can see amendments. Being a digital, visual system, both our commission and our community benefit from watching the meeting action like requests to speak, motions and votes.

As a clerk with many responsibilities, I like that OpenMeeting saves me time and reduces common headaches associated with board meetings. Just one example, the system automatically captures meeting activity and my meeting minutes are cleaner and almost finished when our meetings end. OpenMeeting saves time, helps our meetings look good, makes my work easier, and instills confidence in our board and the public. To anyone still conducting their meetings in an old-fashioned manner, I recommend scheduling a demo today.”

Beth Johnson

County Clerk, Roane County, TN

“The technology behind OpenMeeting is as simple as it can get. Add that to the top-notch support, and it’s a win-win for all involved.”

Chet Biggers

IT Director, Robertson County, TN

For rural counties such as Benton, the digital age is really just coming into play within our normal operations and governmental communications with our citizens and customers.

With the COVID-19 impact, this has forced an acceleration of the need for more digital enhancements. I am a product and student of the digital age having worked in more urban settings where digital components were an everyday thing. However, I believe our local officials, employees, and citizens are now very much welcoming this into our normal and everyday working world seeing the benefits of more enhanced and efficient operations from the COVID-19 complications that were placed on us suddenly. Maybe that was one benefit of the virus, but a benefit very much needed for the rural areas as it was long overdue.

We are excited about getting this new system up and running and incorporating it into our everyday world. It will allow for more transparency to our citizens, while aiding various departments and legislative processes.

Brett Lashlee

Mayor, Benton County, TN

“Our school board and staff really like the new system. They’ve commented on how easy it is to use. It has made the meetings easier for everybody on our end (IT) and on the user end. I’d recommend it. It does everything that we wanted it to do. We’ve looked at others. We haven’t looked at anything recently, but the last time we looked, this is the best that we saw. And especially now that we’ve used it, the experience has been really good.”

Brian King

IT Network Technician Manager, Williamson County Schools, TN

Kimberly Brickles

City Clerk, City of Springfield, TN

Kaitlyn Bernarde

City Clerk, City of Wausau, WI

Kim Pytleski

County Clerk, Oconto County, WI

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