Video Streaming

OpenMeeting is proud to partner with JCG Technologies, creator of SuiteOne, the simple, secure, and reliable solution for streaming your meetings.

Easily manage and deliver your meeting content.

Purpose-built for board and council meetings, SuiteOne enables live and on-demand meeting streaming in an affordable, feature-rich platform.


Meetings live-streamed to your website.

On Demand

Access your library of meetings and meeting content.

Public Experience Tools

Indexed agenda skips to agenda item, searchable transcript.

Maintain Control

100% cloud-based, maintain control and ownership of your meeting videos. 

Easy to Use

SuiteOne was designed to be easy to use for the public & staff

Intuitive user interface provides instant access to all your meeting content

Fully managed, hosted service

Accessible via your website from any device/browser


SuiteOne is priced to be accessible to all organizations

Separate Prices for On-Demand and Live Webcasting

Audio-Only Webcast Option

Special Pricing for Liberty Meeting Recorder and DCR2 Clients

Simple to Implement

SuiteOne is an Amazon Web services hosted solution

One-time implementation fee includes site set-up, configuration, and training

Simply iframe the SuiteOne Portal into your Website – Works with all browsers and devices

Full Integration

Schedule, record, search, browse, subscribe to, and distribute meeting content

Audio/video integrated with minutes and agendas

Complete audio/video systems and subsystems are available

Captioning, translation, and transcription available

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